I could not believe it when I saw this New York Post article.  Jessie Nizewitz is suing Viacom and 2 production companies for not blurring her crotch in one scene on the show (see uncensored photo below). When I saw the headline, I immediate knew who it was and where they were in the episode. She is a 28 year old model from Plainview, NY who was featured in episode 3 (see my review here).  The circumstances were this:
Jessie said she was on her high school wrestling team. So after covering each other with mud and tossing a football on the beach, Jessie starts putting wrestling moves on him. While Jessie was on her knees the camera was behind her shooting. Now, I knew when I watched it that was not a good position to put herself in.
Jessie is suing for $10 million. I can’t imagine going on a show called Dating Naked that there would not be a very detailed waiver signed. We all know what just happened with the Downton Abbey water bottle incident.  If things like that can happen then you know there can be mistakes in blurring. The biggest question I would ask the people on the show is: Do you think there won’t a chance of an uncensored DVD coming out?
Part of her defense is that she was being egged on to do those wrestling moves. You are 28 years old. You think being on your hands and knees naked is okay in front of people you don’t know whether you are being recorded or not? On the show, she was fine with being naked. Now, her family is embarrassed and a guy she was dating stopped talking to her after the show aired. I don’t know what she thought the fallout would be for going on a show like this. I guess I thought people on this show in general don’t care what people think about their choices in life. I guess I was wrong. I don’t believe she will win her lawsuit but who knows. People have sued for being burned by hot coffee.
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