From Left to Right: Greg and Ashley

From Left to Right: Greg and Ashley

Contestant: Greg
Greg is a computer nerd turned MMA fighter from Carlsbad, CA. He has stopped fighting due to injury. He is looking for a healthy relationship to put his history of being catfished and psycho ex-girlfriends behind him.
Contestant: Ashley
Ashley is from Denver CO. She is a tattooed and pierced artist/flower child that into nature. She feels she is an intense person to date, but is looking for a long term relationship. I liked her clothes so I added a picture so you can see.
Ashley's Clothing

Ashley’s Clothing

Date #1: Greg & Ashley
Ashley is intimidated by Greg just standing next to him clothed because he is not her normal type and he is “a big guy”. He seems really excited that she is his first date. It’s raining. I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing when you are dating naked. Ashley is calmed by it. She is really nervous. Greg talked about his method for checking out girls is blinking and looking down. Ashley is surprised how small Greg is compared to the rest of him. He referred to her private area saying you could make dreadlocks. The date is champagne and drawing. This seems really dumb. Greg draws her as she poses with a bow and arrow, Ashley was not impressed and wonders if it is bad because he has no talent or that he doesn’t care. She drew him with a bird head saying it was his spirit animal. Neither of them thinks they are clicking with each other. Now, while naked, they are breaking plates and are going to make sculptures out of them. Ashley said it is art therapy and I don’t think Greg takes her seriously. At the end of the date, they hug and go back to their rooms.
From Left to Right: Alika, JR, Tessa, and Angelica.

From Left to Right: Alika, JR, Tessa, and Angelica.

Date #2: Greg & Angelica (Long Island, NY)
Angelica admitted to being a virgin and is visibly nervous about being naked. I don’t know why she would say that in the interview. She is kind of hiding instead of just walking out to meet Greg. Going to break she says, “I can’t do this”. The producer yells at her come out. She eventually walked out and refused to shake Greg’s hand. Her arms are covering her chest and she’s probably freaking out. This is the first penis she has seen in real life and friends told her that they are a little scary looking. Poor Greg is trying to use humor to make her more comfortable but it is not working. Angelica got seasick and has a towel wrapped around her.
Date #2: Ashley & Alika (Woodside, CA)
Alika is tattooed as well. He is a spiritual teacher and sexual healer. That’s what he just said. I know. I can see you rolling your eyes as you read this. I did too. He uses “sexual energy to help people evolve”. Surfing is the date and he has taught people to surf before even on dates. Ashley already wanted to learn to surf so she was very happy and felt safe with him teaching her. He helps women balance their mind, body, and spirit. I know some people believe that stuff but I am not one of them. It’s difficult to listen to this guy talk. I can only do quotes now because that’s how you need to read it or see part of their date below. Alika’s sexual healing services include: g spot stimulation and female ejaculation to open up the body during organism to get what they want in their life. Finding a partner to understand this has been a struggle for him? Really? Women have the power to heal the planet. That’s me paraphrasing what was said. Ashley really likes him and then he said he is looking for a partner but not a committed relationship.

Jungle Villa (After Date 2)
I think Greg has a plant over his crotch. Only Ashley is clothed so far. She goes off to make Alika a drink while Greg and he talk. Alika said he was in San Diego recently for an explosive sexual healing workshop. Geeze. Greg is jealous of the connection Alika and Ashley have. Angelica finally comes to the villa in a robe type thing. She is describing her anxiety of being naked and how it was unexpected. I guess Angelica is being kicked off the island. Greg is like the third wheel so he went to his room early. Alika and Ashley go in a room together. The next day, Ashley said they had sex.
Date #3: Greg & Tessa (Littleton, CO)
She doesn’t really approach guys and the guys that approach her tend not to be the kind she would want. I think she has a similar sense of humor as him so this may workout for Greg. Their date is sailing out to a floating raft/table to eat. See the picture below because it is impossible to explain. They are much more entertaining. Tessa talked about one of her bad dates and he talked about being catfished.
Greg and Tessa

Greg and Tessa

Date #3: Ashley & JR (Williamstown, NJ)
Another tattooed dude. She likes his bottom. He normally dates dark (hair & eyes) girls with attitude. The date is basically hiking. They were given shoes, hats, and walking sticks. He is looking for a girl serious about career and family. JR just picked a flower to put in her hair piece which she liked. They end up back at the villa and she shows him around. He kisses her and now she is confused.
Jungle Villa (After Date 3)
Most people are clothed. Alika is concerned that JR may have a stronger connection with Ashley but he is going to sit back and let it all play out. Everyone is naked in pool. Tessa and Greg go off to talk. She wonders if they will go past being friends. Oh no. JR made a joke about ex-girlfriends and used the word bitch. Ashley is not a fan of that word and the whole mood goes from jovial to awkward. Ashley walked away and after some length of time (who knows in reality show time) JR went to talk to her. Alika is a little worried about how much time Ashley is spending with JR. Greg invited Tessa to his room if she wanted to meet him there. In the interview, Tessa said she is a little old fashioned. She did go to his room for a kiss goodnight.
The Decision:
Greg is obviously going to pick Tessa. Ashley is emotional talking about her past troubles. She picked Alika which is surprising to me. I guess she is looking past the commitment issues.
“Greg and Tess have been dating long distance and are still going strong thanks to their shared love for bowling…and just a sprinkle of that old bandana magic!”
“Ashely and Alika actually are getting married! Their naked wedding special airs September 18th on Vh1.”