I wanted to do a short preview of the shows I have been waiting forever to see again this fall. It also gives me the opportunity to try incorporating audio into my posts. Since people prefer different things, I decided to do video and written parts of this series of blog posts as a trial run. The written portion will be more general and assuming you have not seen the series much or at all. The video will be more detail about specific events in the show as well as my impression of certain storylines containing many spoilers if you haven’t seen the past 3 seasons. It has been so long since I’ve seen the last episode of these series. So, I watched it again before doing the video/audio section to remind myself of what was going on. I’m previewing 3 different shows: Scandal, Revenge, and Once Upon A Time.

Out of the 3 series, Revenge is the one I finished watching first. Some of the details may escape me. However, I’m going to give you the gist of the series. The show centers around Emily Thorne and her want to destroy the people who falsely put her father in prison. She has spent years of her life training in martial arts, computer hacking, and deception to take down the Grayson family. Her father worked for them and she feels they framed him for laundering money for terrorists who later caused a plane crash. Of course, terrorism is a big crime so convicting him was probably pretty easy. Emily learns all about the family and their previous business associates to get close to them. Basically, she tries to make them suffer but people are not generally killed. Some of the people were taken down for stealing money or affairs. What makes the show more realistic is that it is set in The Hamptons where rich people spend their summers.
Therefore, it has a small town feel where everyone knows everyone’s business. Emily can cause them economic ruin but also ostracizing them from the community. The show is very intricate. It is like if Kill Bill was a slightly more realistic TV show. I loved how the first few scenes in Season 1 showed what happened near the end of the season and the rest of the time is explaining what led up to that. If you don’t like that type of layout, you are not going to like this show. Also, we slowly find out about Emily’s past and what she did to prepare for her quest for revenge. Originally she was willing to go at this alone but slowing as the seasons progressed, she takes in a select few of trusted accomplices. Really, she had to because you can’t take down a rich family without backup.
I love the show because it is a mix between a mystery and a soap opera. There are fights, manipulation, and constant cliff hangers. I binge watched the first 2 seasons so when Season 3 came out and I had to wait a week for episodes it was very difficult. Themes in the show range from rich vs. poor to child abuse. I have to say that acting was good here. Sometimes with soap opera type shows there can be overacting. I think everyone plays their roles perfectly. Obviously, it is a scripted show so some things are over the top as far as plot goes but not the acting. Out of the 3 shows, this is the one I really can’t wait to see. Trailers for the upcoming 4th season take the show in a direction I didn’t expect especially after what happened in the last season’s finale (ABC, Season Premiere Sept. 28th, 10 pm EST/ 9 pm CST).