I wanted to do a short preview of the shows I have been waiting forever to see again this fall. It also gives me the opportunity to try incorporating audio into my posts. Since people prefer different things, I decided to do video and written parts of this series of blog posts as a trial run. The written portion will be more general and assuming you have not seen the series much or at all. The video will be more detail about specific events in the show as well as my impression of certain storylines containing many spoilers if you haven’t seen the past 3 seasons. It has been so long since I’ve seen the last episode of these series. So, I watched it again before doing the video/audio section to remind myself of what was going on. I’m previewing 3 different shows: Scandal, Revenge, and Once Upon A Time.

I should preface this by saying I loved reading about fairy tales as a kid so I am really into the stories in Once Upon a Time. The show takes fairy tale and book characters to the real world and follows their lives. Originally, a magical curse cast by Regina (Snow White’s Evil Queen) created a small town in Maine that the outside world could not enter and the fairy tale characters could not leave. In the process, everyone loses their memory of their lives in the Enchanted Forest and all of a sudden have new real world identities. Without getting into details, the curse is broken about 28 years since it was cast. At that point, people in the town are trying to find family members and find out what happened to them. Several crazy situations occur. The series makes some amazing twists to the typical Disney type stories. All the characters become connected in some way that actually makes sense.
One of the cool things is the opening images. There is always a little hint on what the setting or event is to be in the episode. For instance, if Cinderella is involved there may be an image of her pumpkin carriage riding by. Structure of the episodes is very well done especially in the beginning series. Much of the time was introducing new characters so the audience sees their background in Maine and in the Enchanted Forest. The stories in each realm tend to run in parallel. If you are not good at remembering back stories of characters this may not be the show for you. I find it really fun to remember little details. Settings have jumped around a bit because each of the last couple seasons has had a central plot in a specific place such as Oz, Wonderland, and Never Land. I think the show is absolutely worth watch and it’s not visually violent at all. People do get killed in battle or turn to dust though. As seen in the news, Frozen is part of the 4th series (ABC, Season Premiere Sept. 28th, 8 pm EST/ 7 pm CST). I had to get the DVD from Netflix since I had not seen it just so I could know what was going on. That should prove how much I like this show. I think the last Disney movie I saw before that may have been Mulan (and she’s in it too), but I’m in my early 30s with no kids so I’m a little out of touch with new Disney stories.