The Experts
The Experts are sitting as a panel discussing their process in the experiment and the reasons behind it. Background checks and psychological evaluations were done before the process started. Their goal was to pick people who would have a successful long-term committed marriage. The show was hosted by Kevin Frazier. The format is as follows: one member of the couple will come out and talk and then later the other sits down to talk about what happened since the show. The Experts are still out there interacting with them. There are several clips shown.
Cortney & Jason
Cortney is first out. Kevin, the host, asked why she wanted to get married so young. Getting married at 26 doesn’t seem young to me. She has a timeline for her life. He went to the Experts to see if that is a good idea. Dr. Pepper thinks a timeline is good as long as you don’t force yourself to do it without thinking. She was angry with her family for not coming to her wedding and not supporting her in that time.
Next, Jason comes out and hugs/kisses the experts. The reveal is they are still married. Cortney hasn’t been back to her burlesque group. Jason’s mother passed away after filming of the show, but she met Cortney at the hospital. Now, he’s sure he loves her. Jason didn’t want his mother to be on TV in her condition. He has met Cortney’s family and they gave their blessing finally. Now her father invited himself to Jason’s Fire Academy graduation. I’m pretty sure at the wedding she said her father and other relatives were firefighters. They want to have fun before starting a family. The Experts are so happy for them. I guess this couple worked out for the experts.
Monet & Vaughn
Monet is out first and I believe they said later Vaughn will speak on his own as well. I bet it’s because they are not together. The host asked Monet if her dress was a revenge dress. She said why would I do something like that laughing. Monet felt they both were bad communicators. He was too lax for her. She is already hostile before Vaughn even enters the room. What is going to happen then? She wished they would have taken time after filming to get to know each other but it didn’t happen. She didn’t trust him with her feelings so she always had her guard up. They mainly had sex after arguments or highly emotional times. Monet thought she was in a battle with Vaughn. Monet said she thinks Vaughn has women issues and the look on Greg’s face was priceless like aww man. Kevin said they are still married since they can’t file for divorce until they are separated for 6 months. Monet quickly said first week of October we are filing. Is that a real rule? (I found out later that it is).
Next, it’s Vaughn’s turn. He feels that they are strong personalities. Forty percent of the fault is on him. Her attitude eventually turned him off. He feels he is not chauvinistic just someone looking for traditional roles. Vaughn thinks the experts made a mistake with them. Monet and Vaughn are sitting together now. They haven’t seen each other in 5 months. When asked if Vaughn really wanted it to work out he said yes. Monet said he probably did for the first week or 2. Poor Dr. Joseph is trying to defend their scientific tests. It’s not their fault Monet thought she wanted a traditional relationship. She got that but that’s not what she really wanted. Lots of the talk is about sex. When or why did it happen? When or why did it finally stop? Monet said she didn’t want to have sex with Vaughn after her foot surgery. When she said no he said there is nothing wrong with your hand. He just said wow we’re putting it all out there then. See, that is what reality TV is all about. Their marriage must have been so entertaining.
Vaughn said she was cold to him off camera but nice and bubbly on camera. He did have a hard time with the constant filming but it was exacerbated by the issues with Monet. She didn’t want to be viewed as the stereotypical African American woman as shown on TV. Their conversation escalates into curse words. She brings up his issues with black women and how her type is not the type he wants. He asked for a black woman and the Experts confirmed. Monet brought up his mother’s qualities and her opinions of Vaughn’s ideal woman. He said leave my mother out of this. Great stuff. He thinks she is upset because he isn’t as establish as she would have wanted in a husband, which seems to be true. He was hurt by her calling him unstable. Vaughn wouldn’t do it again but he would recommend to others. She would do it again because she still wants to get married. I hope they don’t do that. She had her chance to be on the show. At the end, they tell each other they wish them well blah blah blah.
Jamie & Doug
Jamie is first to be interviewed. She had to learn to trust the Experts before trusting Doug. She was protecting herself and not considering Doug’s feelings. They are still married. Of course Kevin asked if they consummated their marriage yet even though he felt creepy doing it. They did and Kevin tossed it over to Dr. Logan, sexologist. Jamie needed to be comfortable and feel like Doug respected her. Doug said it was good that Jamie worked at night because it allowed him to release his frustrations. Yep, that’s what is being said on TV. So Jamie was on The Bachelor before? I didn’t even know. I’ve never seen those shows. I feel lied to. Tears while talking about family and how that is important to her.
Now is “the lie” with the same answers. The power of “spooning” brought them closer together. Kids are in the future. Dr. Logan asked Jamie if she still thinks they failed her. More tears about how happy Jamie is that Doug has dealt with her. Jamie feels Doug will always be faithful and there for her and their future family. That made me chuckle because you can’t be sure of that.
Everyone Together
This is great because I wondered what the other couples thought of each other. Jamie thought Cortney was the perfect wife. Vaughn commended Doug on dealing with Jamie because he would have been able to. The girls do hang out sometimes. Monet liked watching Jamie and Doug’s relationship grow. Vaughn is happy for the other couples. Monet felt the pressure from social media to succeed. References to a twitter battle between Jamie and Vaughn about his treatment of Monet. Jamie is uncomfortable seeing a man yell at a woman because of her past experience, so she felt Monet was a stronger woman that she for dealing with it. They discussed it on the van ride over to the reunion show. Everyone is fine now. A Twitter question was: do they believe in love at first sight? Doug and Jason don’t. What have they learned? Vaughn says communication is important and Monet said patience. Cortney learned to trust your gut and Jason agreed. Doug suggested being honest about your feelings about a person. Jamie learned to reach out for help.
Did he say Married At First Sight: The First Year??? The website advertises an “Unveiled Special” on Sept. 30th. Not sure what that will be. Probably a behind the scenes show.