I just watched the first episode of Madam Secretary which airs Sundays on CBS. The story centers on a Ex-CIA Analyst turned professor, played by Téa Leoni. She is offered the job as the new Secretary of State after the previous one’s plane crashed in the Atlantic. An Ex-CIA friend tells her he thinks someone in the White House ordered the plane shot down. At the end of the episode, that friend dies in a car crash involving a telephone poll. That was just the side plot. The incident in the episode involved 2 teenagers being captured in Syria because they were activists of some kind.
This is only the first episode so I may watch a couple more before I decide if it is good. So far I think it is just okay. Plus, I don’t know if I want to watch fake foreign policy events when the news is so full of real ones. I typically enjoy the backroom politics shows so it is possible I will like it if that is a big part of it. They did the “West Wing walk & talk” through what seemed to be a kitchen.
Madam Secretary