I just knew that Regina would turn evil again with the return of Marian. It was disappointing that Robin Hood felt the need to honor his wedding vows since Marian is no longer dead. He could have saved the day by just staying with Regina. We all knew that Regina couldn’t kill her so she had to think of a clever plan to get her out of the way. To do this she enlisted an old minion, Sydney (her enchanted mirror) to show her when she had interacted with Marian in the past. Sydney was being imprisoned in the hospital, like Belle was, and I have to admit I completely forgot about him. He said he knew Regina hadn’t forgotten him and he is obviously still very much in love with her.
If you don’t remember why Marian is in Storybrooke, Emma and Hook were sent back in time and accidently prevented Snow White and the Prince from meeting which would be a disaster for Emma, their daughter. This changed everything from then on. Several steps were taken to get them on the right track again but in the process Emma met Marian while also being jailed by the Evil Queen (Regina). Emma couldn’t let this unknown woman die so she brought her back to Storybrooke. It just happened that she was the dead wife of Regina’s new boyfriend, Robin Hood. Regina’s first plan was to go back in time to just before Emma and Hook get there and kill Marian right away. At the end of the episode, Regina realized the best way to fix all of this is to find the writer of the fairy tale book that rules their lives and make him/her rewrite her story. She wants villains to start having happy endings and that is what is stopping her from being happy.
Rumpelstiltskin (Rumple/Mr. Gold) and Belle were married at the end of last season. He decided that he needed to give his dagger, the real one, back to Belle for him to have an honest relationship with her. He goes to Neal’s (Baelfire, his son) grave to tell him he plans to make him proud of him and how his happiest moments were with him. Belle finds a house for them to spend their honeymoon in but she has no idea who it belongs to. Rumple sees a box on a desk and looks at it like he knows who owns it. They have a real Beauty and the Beast dance (same outfits and everything) in the ballroom. Later, he performs a spell on the box and a wizard’s hat appears with what looks like stars and maybe a universe inside.
Now, the most hyped part of the new season, the Frozen storyline. We get to see the backstory on Elsa. As said in the movie, Elsa and Anna’s parents were lost at sea. The episode starts out showing their parents on the boat. During a huge storm, the mother rushes to put a message in a bottle and tells her husband that Elsa and Anna need to find out the truth. They throw it overboard and next a wave crashes on their boat. Five years later, Elsa gives Anna their mother’s wedding dress for her upcoming wedding (something borrowed). She also gives her a new necklace in the shape of a snowflake. While Anna is trying on the dress, Elsa finds her mother’s old diary where a passage says her parents were going somewhere else on their voyage and not where everyone thinks. It also says how frightened they are of Elsa’s powers and what she will do with them. Elsa believes they left and died because of her. Anna goes to her future “in-laws” the trolls for answers. Grand Pabbie (the Troll King) said he knew they were going to Mist Haven but didn’t know the purpose. Anna sneaks off to go to there to prove to Elsa that their parents were not running away from her. It turns out that another name for Mist Haven is the Enchanted Forest.
Elsa is basically afraid in the new world of Storybrooke. She is almost hit by a van driven by Grumpy and Sleepy. She froze it to stop it and leaves a trail of ice wherever she goes. When Emma and Hook are told of this they try to find this person. Like in the movie, Elsa unleashes a giant snow monster which stomps around the town. Also, the monster went into the woods where Emma and Hook find Robin Hood, Marian, and the Merry Men. It knocked everyone down and was about to kill Marian when Regina destroyed it (the monster). Marian said Regina may not be a monster after all. She has no idea. That happened between Regina’s plans to kill her. While hiding, a newspaper blows towards Elsa showing a picture of Belle and Mr. Gold announcing their marriage. In the photo, at his shop, is the necklace Elsa gave Anna. She finds the shop, breaks in, and finds it vowing to find Anna. There is your plot. Anna is probably in Storybrooke somewhere. I wish I knew how big this place was since so many unknown people live there.