The Murder of the Waynes
First, I should say my knowledge of Batman is restricted to being a casual watcher of the movies. I’m not a comic book junkie so I don’t know the back story on most of the characters. I’ll be reviewing this show based on the information presented and not comparing it to Batman mythology. I thought I should start off my first review with that disclaimer.
I like the idea of this show starting when Bruce Wayne and his villains are young. It gives so much room for them this series depending on how long it takes for them to grow up. The first person we meet is a young, possibly teenaged, girl who jumps off of rooftops, pickpockets, and steals milk for stray cats. I’m sure she will be Cat woman but I won’t say it until it is confirmed. As she is lingering in the shadows she witnesses the robbery and murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents. The robber, with a very wide face, took their wallet and a pearl necklace which one strand was broken in the transaction. I don’t know why he didn’t shoot Bruce as well. Why leave a witness? The police come to question Bruce and he goes home with Alfred, the butler.
The rookie cop that questioned Bruce was James (Jim) Gordon. He told Bruce that his father died in front of him too during an accident with a drunk driver. I think the show was trying to establish an early connection between them that will last for the rest of their lives. Gordon told Bruce that no matter how dark it seems now “there will be light”. I figure that will be something that will come back but I’m not sure. Since Batman is known as the Dark Knight, I thought light would be important. Anyway, Gordon promises to bring the killer to justice and at first they pin it on Mario Pepper, father of Ivy Pepper (probably Poison Ivy). When Gordon and his partner, Harvey Bullock, get to Pepper’s apartment they see his unkempt daughter and wife with a black eye. He eventually runs and is shot and killed by Bullock while attacking Gordon. Pepper was running and jumping even though he was a big guy. I was surprised he ran as far as he did. But, he wasn’t the real killer. Bruce said the man had shiny shoes and Pepper didn’t own any.
Fish Mooney
The police force is corrupt in Gotham. Bullock has close relations with Fish Mooney, played by Jada Pinkett Smith. She seems to be an underboss working for the mob boss, Carmine Falcone. After a talk with her, Bullock came up with Pepper as the suspect and later found the necklace in his apartment. Detective Gordon’s fiancée, Barbara Kean is old friends with Renee Montoya, a Major Crimes unit detective who told her that Gordon was involved in the framing of Pepper. It looks as though Montoya knows secrets about Barbara. Montoya and her partner, Crispus Allen, were told this information by Oswald Cobblepot a henchman of Mooney. People seem to call Oswald a penguin which usually sends him into a rage. Mooney felt like she was a mother to him but when she found out he snitched on her she beat on his legs. She also had to take care of Gordon and Bullock, so she had her main henchman, Butch, string them up in a cold meat locker. Falcone found out and came to stop the potential murders saying she needs permission to kill cops in his town. Fish is looking to push Falcone out. There was a great comment that Fish made to Oswald while they were outside her club in the rain beating up one of her workers. Oswald was supposed to be holding an umbrella over her but he was not doing a very good job of it. She told him if her hair goes frizzy he will be in trouble. I don’t know if non-black people know the severity of her hair getting wet but it made me laugh.
Of course, Gordon is new and knows nothing about cover ups. He seems to be still into justice and doing the right thing. Bullock tells him the truth. The police, the government, and the mob are all connected and running the city. He even said there is a war going on, since Gordon was in the military this was supposed to sway him. The gun that killed the Waynes had expensive bullets from a gun they couldn’t identify (Edward Nygma is the forensics expert i.e. the Riddler). Falcone explained to Gordon that he had a relationship with his father, who was a district attorney. To prove his understanding, Gordon was told to kill Oswald for talking to the cops. Instead of doing that, Gordon pretended to shoot him as he pushed him off the pier. Before shooting, Gordon told Oswald never to return to Gotham. We all know that’s not going to happen. Gordon returns to Bruce to tell him there is corruption that he wants to clean up but he needs to stay in the job. He informs him that the person that died was not the one that killed his parents but promised to find the real killer. Bruce is already obsessed about conquering his fears. It is the beginning of the Bruce Wayne-James Gordon partnership.
That was a lot of information but it was the first episode. So many characters need to be introduced. I do like it and am interested on how the stories will progress.