With the death of his parents, Bruce Wayne is testing his fear and/or pain tolerance. He held his hand over a candle this time. I didn’t like that fact they him drawing pictures listening to heavy metal type music as if that turns you into a crazy person. At one point, Alfred asked Detective James Gordon over to talk to Bruce. Gordon was made aware of the strict policy Alfred was left on how to raise Bruce if his parents died. I guess when you are rich in a dangerous city you have to plan for those types things. Basically, Bruce has to agree to his punishments and what is done to him i.e. no psychologists unless he asks. Bruce says he is fine so he is fine.
Selina aka Cat
The episode is called Selina Kyle, 13 years old, so she is a large part of it. We find out she likes to be referred to as Cat and she carries a locket with her mother’s picture in it. The police told her they have records that her mother is dead but Cat believe she is out there somewhere. Cat lives on the streets and was with other homeless children when a van pulled up with food saying they were with the Mayor’s office. The children were drugged and put in the van. Cat escaped pretty early but one guy was barely stuck with the needle and ran way. The male kidnapper ran after him and pushed him through a restaurant window while the female kidnapper shot a homeless man trying to intervene. Initially the cops were going to ignore the boy’s story about the van but when lab results came back that he had a specific drug in his system they decided to quietly investigate.
Unfortunately, when Gordon told his fiancée Barbara about it, she decided to give an anonymous tip to the press about it forcing the Mayor to get involved. Eventually they track down the drug supplier and the kidnappers after they had stolen a bus full of children being sent to a juvenile detention center “upstate”. Cat was one of those children but she escaped being loaded into a container. Just in time, Gordon found her and captured the kidnappers. It turned out that they were working for “the Dollmaker” with no explanation besides that. I had to look it up. I’m disappointed they would leave me not know what that meant. Not everyone reads comic books so if they want to be a standalone series they need to fix that. From the link, the Dollmaker either controls people as if they were dolls (voodoo doll like) or preserves people after they are killed to keep as dolls. Cat told Gordon she saw the person who murdered Bruce’s parents and by watching him she knew he was a trustworthy person.
Angry Mooney
As a side story, Fish Mooney was visited by Carmine Falcone. He had talked to Oswald before he died and was told that Fish was planning to take over his operation. That pushes back Fish’s plans and just to prove he’s serious he has his men beat up the guy she is sleeping with at the moment. She said another great line: she was going to kill that old man with her bare hands and her teeth. Butch, her henchman, said he would be holding her shoes.
Oswald hitchhiked out of town. I thought it was odd they put this sign up so the audience can see it but not with the direction of traffic.  I’m sure that happens in the real world on small streets.  He was so grateful to the kids who picked him up until they said he walked like a penguin. Oswald broke the window and stabbed the passenger in the neck I think. After stealing the van, he rented a trailer and tried to ransom the other kid. The kid’s mother didn’t believe it and thought it was her son’s prank. He sent a video but it must not have been very convincing.