The show opens up with a sex scene with Michaela and her fiancé that is 2 months before the murder. I never understand the need for these things. Annalise had to be introduced to Michaela’s fiancé, Aiden, when seeing them kissing outside the office. She has no time for that mess. Surprise, Aiden and Connor went to boarding school together. Small world. Also, they (Aiden and Connor) had a sexual relationship at one point. After lots of little comments by Connor, he tells her specifically that and Michaela is not happy. There was a big fight between Michaela and Aiden. I think she was more worried about her future and how it looked. I love how she talks about how expensive her wedding dress is and that her life plan will not be messed up by him. She told him he better not embarrass her after they are married or she will divorce him, take all his money, and ruin his political career.
Most of the students go to a Law Review party at a bar. Apparently a Law Review is:

In the context of law school, a law review is an entirely student-run journal that publishes articles written by law professors, judges, and other legal professionals; many law reviews also publish shorter pieces written by law students called “notes” or “comments.” –

Laurel is being hit on by a law student that spends his time with Legal Aid when Frank walks in to see that. He walks away. Asher tells her the next day he saw her and she seemed slightly concerned that Frank was there.
The Case:
Paula Murphy, a mother, was arrested for doing sexual acts in a park with a stranger. She has a mutual friend of Annalise. The charges were dropped and nothing will be on her record. What they didn’t know is that Paula aka Elena Aguilar is really on the run from a felony murder charge associated with a 1994 bombing. They got her fingerprints when she was arrested and they match prints on the bomb parts found. Come on. Why would she ever do another illegal thing again knowing she had that? No one knew even her husband who was shocked to find out she was arrested for the first thing. They were offered a 10 year plea deal but Annalise told them she has a plan to win.
Working the Case:
Connor said there is no way to win the case so the statue was taken from him for doubting her abilities. They are using the Patty Hearst case as a blueprint.  They try to prove that Paula and the others were brainwashed by the leader of their environmental group, Gabriel, so it was not her fault she participated. Also, that the bombing idea was all Gabriel’s. He once had them go without food for 7 days, the group member called it fasting but Annalise called it food depravation. Other members had already served jail time and Gabriel is still incarcerated somewhere. She sent Frank to track him down and she told him to leave the lawyering to the lawyers. I guess I thought he was one. He must be a paralegal or some kind of private investigator type. Asher (student) offered to help and was able to find out where Gabriel was through people he knows. The students speculate on what Frank is. Connor called him eye candy and Michaela felt his language skills/accent showed he wasn’t a lawyer.
Annalise arranged to be there when Paula spoke to Gabriel asking for his support in her trial. Paula was so excited to see him again and was just giddy afterwards. Everything she does in life pales in comparison to what she feels when she is with Gabriel. As she is describing that, Annalise has watery eyes. Maybe she is thinking of Nate or wonders if Sam feels that way about the others. What they didn’t know is that soon after, the prosecution offered him early release if he testified against her. He said she was the one that suggested they planted the bomb. Even though the fact he was getting a deal came out, it is still damning to her case. I’m not sure why her kids are allowed to sit in the court room to hear about a murder case. They look to be under the age of 10. Annalise sends out her students to find information they can use. Michaela finds phone records of a woman calling Gabriel 6 times since they took Paula to see him. The woman’s last name was Paula’s mother’s maiden name. When Michaela tries to tell Annalise, they find out that Paula took off. The case is postponed and another warrant is issued for her. We then see Paula on a bus with Gabriel. Yep, she left her husband and kids. Annalise warned Michaela to choose her husband carefully because you only have yourself to blame if it ends badly.
Lila Stangard’s Disappearance:
Annalise was asked to represent Griffin, the star quarterback, in the murder charge against him. She was asked by the President of the university but it seems that Lila’s family has previous donated millions to the school so he has to do something. Rebecca being a nobody is ignored by them. He tells his story to Annalise and the team. Basically, he had a fight with Lila, went to a party, met some girls who wanted coke, and called Rebecca. Rebecca could get drugs and was a friend of Lila’s. Things happened; Griffin slept with Rebecca but was caught in the act by Lila. Griffin said that he and Lila agreed to wait until marriage to have sex. Why do I doubt that? Lila was upset and attacked him which is why his DNA was under her nails. He found out that Rebecca had set him up by telling Lila to meet him there using his phone.
All of a sudden, Wes’s phone rings while they are discussing the Paula Murphy case but it is not his phone it is the phone Rebecca left in his bathroom. Turns out it is Lila’s phone and someone calls looking for drugs. Wes pretended to be a lawyer to get into jail to speak with her about her case. She was not willing to talk and ratted him out but he did get the chance to, as he was being dragged away to tell her that Griffin was blaming her for the murder. Wes contacted Annalise about his issue and accused her of not helping the little guy (i.e. Rebecca). His speech not only got her to start representing her but also got him “the statue”.
Having dinner with another couple, they bring up Sam’s interview at Yale. Sam said he was rejected. Later while Sam is sleeping Annalise tries to contact Nate. Annalise did ask Nate to check on Sam’s whereabouts for the day Lila was killed and he was supposed to be interviewing at Yale. Nate found out that Sam canceled at the last minute with food poisoning so he was not where he said he was. Nate gathered evidence going to numerous places and reported his findings to Annalise. For some reason, Nate lied saying everything checked out. Why would he lie? Is he in on it with Sam or is he trying to get back at Annalise? My guess is he wants to hurt her when truth comes out she’ll be embarrassed. Annalise tries to get Nate back but he rejects her. Bonnie told Sam they were representing Rebecca in the case. Bonnie is always nervous around him. Rebecca confessed just before Annalise gets to meet with her.

Bonfire Alibi

Bonfire Alibi

The Murder:
We get to see a little bit more. Rebecca was actually in the room where Sam’s body was found. Michaela is curled up in the corner. How does she expect to be a lawyer if she can’t see a dead body which isn’t even mutilated or anything? Last week, we saw Wes tell her she was safe now. My theory is still similar. Rebecca was probably selling drugs or hooking working for Sam. She saw or knew what happened to Lila and he went after her. She hit him on the head with the statue and called Wes for help. He called the other students to help him; he dropped Rebecca off at a hotel for her to rest while they took care of the body.
Michaela was against getting Sam’s body from the start. They concluded that not only would the bonfire be an excuse for the smoke when they burn the body but also their alibi. They go to the bonfire and take photos of themselves in the crowd having fun. It’s a good idea. After wrapping up the body and putting it in the car, Michaela realizes she lost her engagement ring. She freaks out again. I bet it is wrapped up with the body. That would be great. She is the weakest link.