Today’s episode was focused on Connor and we are now 7 weeks before the murder. So far he is my favorite of the students since he is seemingly willing to do whatever it takes to get the information he needs. The way he took down Michaela about her fiancé was just great. I also found out that his “boyfriend” is named Oliver.
The Case:
Insider trading is the crime this week. I never understood how that works. Don’t all those traders know a guy who knows a guy that works somewhere close to the companies they trade stocks in? How else would they be experts? Marren Trudeau is the founder/CEO of a brokerage firm and is accused of insider trading. The evidence against her is video of her having sex (on the desk) with the CEO of the company she made a trade on. She is a longtime client of Annalise and is adamant that she did not do this.
Working the Case:
Annalise interviews all the employees at the firm to see how they feel about their boss. Marren is very in your face and brash. When the video was being played in front of her staff, Annalise, the students, and the police, she said something like that’s what pilates will do for you. She mentioned that Annalise has been with her through divorces and sexual harassment cases. After the students meet with the employees initially, they hit a dead end. Connor has a lead, which was Marren’s assistant. He had sex with him in the brokerage office and planted a recorder in the room. Connor got the assistant on tape (it’s not really tape anymore I guess) confessing to framing Marren to someone on the phone. The tape is played for Marren who is annoyed. She confronts the assistant saying he was ungrateful for all that she had done for him and she thought of him as a son. His reasoning was that she only used him and he wanted to succeed at something. Then, Marren laid into him saying he was nothing just like his family said he was and she was going to make sure he goes to prison for this. The guy was so scared that he jumped out the window to his death. Marren felt bad but they still needed to find out who the accomplice(s) were since the call was traced to inside the building.
After going over all the employees that the student’s talked to, they narrowed it down to a guy and girl. Annalise had the prosecutor sit in when she told them that the other had turned on them. Doesn’t everyone know that is one of the oldest tricks in the book? She even showed them a stack of papers saying it was the statement and they didn’t bother to look at it. I would have at least read the first page before saying anything. The woman said to Marren that she would have done the same thing to get ahead. Marren said no I started my own company, that’s what I did do. At the end, Connor was telling Oliver how weak the assistant was but then Oliver discovered the recording. I think the quote, “he did this thing to my ass that made my eyes water”, was the last straw. He kicked him out of his apartment. Even though, Oliver helps him with illegal things, I think he is still a nice normal guy being taken advantage of by this professional temptress (i.e. Connor).
The Murder:
With all of the time last week that Connor was picking on Michaela for being so weak, Connor had his own break down at Oliver’s apartment. I suppose disposing of a body is his limit. He was crying outside his door and Oliver just stood there and watched him. I wouldn’t let him in my apartment either. Assuming the time he kicked Connor out was the last time he saw him then it has been almost 2 months. But, who knows what happened in the meantime. I was right that it was Wes’s idea to take Rebecca away from there. She doesn’t seem as upset as I would expect if she just killed someone. She may be a little jumpy but that is it. The other thing was that Asher showed up to the office after the fact seemingly after being contacted by Michaela. He said something about he was an adult. There must have been an argument.
Lila Stangard’s Murder:
Details on this case are just flooding out. As a minor fact, Nate was almost caught inside Sam’s car looking for evidence. He played it off like he was a concerned citizen running by and saw a light on in his car. Maybe Sam believed it but that shot down my side theory that they could be working together on covering up the crime. At the same time, Bonnie was on her own stakeout watching Nate go through the car. She used it for the case telling the police that they must be investigating Sam for the crime and not satisfied that Rebecca did it. I wonder how much Bonnie knows about Sam and Annalise’s secrets. She just sits in the shadows.
Rebecca’s confession was taped and it took Bonnie’s threat for them to get a copy showing she was coerced into giving details. As a result, the bail was lowered from $1 million to $100,000 so the money was raised. When it was higher, Laurel had asked her Legal Aid friend to help raise the money which upset Frank. We know from early on that Frank’s number was in Laurel’s phone so there will be something going on there. The Legal Aid guy also gave her some of his old notes which Michaela offered to swap for other things and when was refused tried to steal them. Bonnie and Frank called her the Shooting Star which is what they called the assistant that jumped to his death.
Annalise thinks Wes’s comment to Rebecca about Griffin’s defense caused her to sign the confession in the first place so he was taken off the case. When she was released on bail, he waited at her door to talk with her asking her to trust him. She did and gave him the code to Lila’s phone which he gave to Annalise. She is letting him remain the trusted friend of Rebecca’s to help her and the case. Wes thought it could be helpful in Rebecca’s case and Annalise said we’ll see.
The end of the episode was crazy and I’m sure you heard of the “Last 9 Words” in all the commercials. Since I don’t have TV, I knew nothing about this. After meeting with Wes, she went home and took off her make-up, eyelashes, and wig. It was a lot to see. At that point, Sam comes in asking about the case. Then, the 9 words: Why is your penis on a dead girl’s phone? It’s a good question. A no frills Annalise is there holding up the phone with a small smile. I can’t wait to hear his response. What could he possibly say? People have been killed for much less. That is the best way I have ever heard to end an episode. You can go to ABC’s website and see the clip.
9 words