Viper is the name of a drug created by ex-WellZyn (subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises) employee, Stan Potolski. It was originally intended to make soldiers into killing machines with increased strength. It seems as though Stan was uncomfortable with the side effects, mainly death. I don’t know who these people think they are when they work for companies that make products like this. Like large companies and the government don’t make poisons and chemical weapons. Stan was let go and he even tried to cut off his ear in protest, like they care if he has his ears. This form of the drug was given out on the streets of Gotham by Stan to prove how dangerous it was. Can I just wonder aloud what kind of people take something a stranger gives them which have 2 snakes on the bottle? I know it’s TV but still. The first person to take it gained super strength, started drinking milk from a convenience store, and stole their ATM. Stole as in ripped it out of the wall and ran with it on his back to an abandoned building. He was eventually found (see photo) surrounded by milk jugs. He tried to pick up the ATM to throw it at Gordon and Bullock but his body collapsed under the pressure.
Forensics expert Edward Nygma analyzed the drug and found that it uses up the calcium in the body which is why the victims crave milk and cheese. The drug removes the calcium from their bones as they start to break down and suffocate within hours. Later, Stan gives out more of it to people causing an outbreak of super strong people that the police have to deal with. As a final showing, Stan tries to pump the drug into the vents at a Wayne charity event. This was planned by him and his psychology professor friend. Gordon and Bullock got everyone, included Bruce, out of the building in time. Stan was found on the roof, Gordon shot the container with the drug which was inhaled by Stan, and Stan jumped off the roof after telling them to check the warehouse. They did look in the warehouse and found a cleaned out lab. A woman from Wayne Enterprises was in a car nearby reporting to someone on the phone that everything was taken care of for now.
Oswald Cobblepot is now in the Maroni family. For some reason he feels comfortable enough to give them ideas. Maroni wants to rob a casino run by Falcone and Oswald happens to know someone who works inside. To prove he’s more than just a dishwasher, he tells them his real name and how he used to work for Fish. I think they beat the story out of him at that point and picked up James Gordon to corroborate the story. Maroni told Gordon if he told the truth they would both live and if he lies both die. Gordon was truthful about being told to kill Oswald by Falcone but he didn’t. Now, Maroni feels Gordon is his guy when he needs him. Oswald is safe. On the night of the robbery, Oswald is told if the guys don’t make it out alive, neither does he. The robbery was successful so Oswald is safe again.
Bruce Wayne is still trying to connect the dots between his family and the corruption in Gotham. Now, he is surprised to learn that Viper could have been made at a company associated with his parents. At the charity event, a “middle manager” talks to him as if he was just a grieving child. He came back at her with questions on how the Board operates and how he can meet with them. That is when Stan came on the TV and he told them about the drug coming to get them. Alfred whisked Bruce away. That manager was the one outside the warehouse the police visited. At the end of the episode, Alfred sits down to help Bruce look through files. Did Bruce Wayne not go to school at all? Just wondering.
Fish has her own plot working on several fronts. First, the girl, Liza is being trained on how to be Falcone’s perfect girl. She is learning to sing music from his favorite opera and how to react to things that he does. When unleashed, Fish had her “run into him” at a park humming an aria that his mother used to sing to him. She sits down with him and lets him listen through one of her earbuds. Fish had her hair dyed and put her in more girly type clothing. Secondly, there is a meeting with Fish, her counterpart Nikolai, and Falcone to discuss the Arkham deal. Fish shows to be supportive of Falcone’s wishes not to retaliate against Maroni while Nikolai thinks it is weakness. Nikolai also implied in his home country men fought back and women were in the kitchen or bedroom, where ever they were the most talented. Fish mentioned she heard his mother was a bad cook. That spat was squashed by Falcone. The third twist is at the end of the episode Fish and Nikolai are in bed together. They are plotting to work together to take down Falcone and need to seem like they don’t like each other. One of these things will work out for Fish I’m sure. I’m betting on Liza.