Dead Again is a new show on A&E (Thursdays) that uses 3 experienced detectives to reinvestigate controversial crimes. Four episodes have aired and I watched all of them in one sitting. The team is led by Kevin Gannon, a retired Detective Sergeant from the Bronx, NY and supervisor for 14 years. He is also an author and private investigator. Gannon basically supervises on the show and obtains the information they need about the case. The crimes are investigated by Michele Wood and Joe Schillaci. Wood seems to be still a homicide detective in Illinois. I’m not sure how you can do that and be on TV when you have to travel to different locations. Schillaci is a retired Detective Sergeant from Miami with 30 years’ experience. He was also on the A&E show, The First 48, back when I was watching that show.
I always liked Joe on the other show so that made me interested in watching this. Michele is becoming my favorite on the show so far. She is much less emotional than Joe and seems to be more skeptical of people and initial evidence. Kevin pops in and out of the show. When they are working on these cases, the crime scenes are reconstructed based on original photos. They arrive on the scene with no prior knowledge of the case as if it was new. Scenes can be a bit graphic but you don’t see close ups of wounds or anything like that. There will be lots of blood on floors and objects with bodies in the correct positions. Once they see that, Michele and Joe meet with Kevin about the initial details they need, 911 calls, witness statements, etc. All names are changed.
In the investigation, they speak with relatives/friends of the victims or people charged in the crime. From what I understand, these cases come to them because someone feels there was a mistake or doubt in the previous findings. In the episodes I watched, it was either a relative or someone directly connected to the case. The detectives form a theory on the case and who they think is responsible. Towards the end of the episode, Kevin, Michele, and Joe sit down with the District or Defense Attorney to lay out what they think happened in the crime and who they think did it. Michele and Joe don’t always have the same conclusions. The lawyer tells them who was charged and what happened during and after trial. Afterwards, all the detectives report back to that person who brought the case to them in the first place to say what they think. It’s a good real-life mystery type show. I’m definitely going to continue watching.