Prison Wives Club premiered on Tuesday on Lifetime. I suppose since all these housewives type shows are popular we need new twists on it. The show focuses on 4 women whose husbands are currently incarcerated in the Seattle area. One of the women is starting support group for women in her situation so they can share stories on how to cope. I’m just giving you the basic stories but I will not be reviewing it weekly. I will probably watch a few more episodes to see if it is worth following.
Jhemini (as in Gemini)
Husband: 1st degree assault, sentenced to 10 years (served 5 years)
First can I say that names get more and more ridiculous every day? She is 25 years old. Her husband got into a fight with and “a weapon was involved”. She gets to visit him overnight once a month. They have a hut to live in so she can bring sealed food, but no metal or glass.
Husband: 1st degree assault, sentenced to 10 years (served 3 years)
She is 28 years old and “hangs out” with lesbians while her husband is away, but he doesn’t care what she does with women. Just like Jhemini, Kate also has once a month visits. She has a tattoo of the car club name they were in but now that he went to prison they stopped talking to him. So today, she is getting a dream catcher as a cover up.
Laquisha (as in La-keisha)
Husband: felony murder, sentenced to 75 years (served 13 years)
Laquisha is a 33 year old that was previously married for 8 years with a daughter. She and her new husband of about 1 year met when she was 18 and he was 19 and they just screwed then. After not speaking for 11 years, he contacted her via Facebook. He told her he was in prison and asked if she would come see him. They married but have not had any private overnight visits. She is still waiting to consummate their marriage. She speaks to him on a prison type Skype service that is expensive. Her friends and family do not understand her commitment to her husband so she is starting a support group for prisoners’ wives.
Husband: 1st degree murder, sentenced to Life in Prison (served 27 years)
Ana (29 years old) met him through a website called write a prisoner dot com (I didn’t want to create a link to this website in my post). She was nervous to write him but she figured he is in jail for life so he won’t come out and kill her. Isn’t that a great way of looking at it? They have been married for a little over year and have not screwed. She works at a convenience store at night and her husband is afraid for her safety. Get this. He is in prison for killing someone during the robbery of a convenience store when he was 15 and his accomplice was 13. I know. There was a new law passed that people sentenced harshly while under the age of 18 can apply for resentencing at a max of 25 years. He has already served 27 years so he may actually get out. He was arrested in 1987 so he isn’t good with technology. I found it odd he has been locked up almost as long as she has been alive. She seems to be living with 2 gay guys to help save money. I think they are all friends and not that she is only a lodger. Ana has yet to tell her parents the truth about her husband. They think he is a prison guard, but since she is not close to her parents she doesn’t feel bad about lying.
Kate and Jhemini are already friends so they are going to the support group together to see what it is like. Jhemini took off her ring to visit family because not everyone knows she’s married and she has a judge and lawyers in her family. Now, she lost the ring. Kate said she pawned hers and her husband’s ring, plus it’s good for her not to have to explain where her husband is all the time. Ana and Laquisha are friends because their husbands are and they got married on the same day. Jhemini was annoyed at the support group meeting because they were talking about how unfair the prison system was and that most of them had loved ones (husbands, sons, uncles) in for murder. So she and Kate left for a few minutes to discuss. Kate doesn’t see why Jhemini thinks they are different from the other women. Kate said if their husbands had better aim that could be them. Kate seemed to think Jhemini was not facing the reality of her situation. After the meeting, Kate wanted to get Laquisha’s number to talk more. Jhemini was not as impressed and her husband calls while she is there. She tells him she lost her wedding ring. He was very disappointed for some reason. She said she had been crying all day about it but I didn’t think she was that bothered. It could be an interesting show depending on how much detail they show.