Jhemini (as in Gemini) – 25 years old
Husband(Michael): 1st degree assault, sentenced to 10 years (served 5 years)
Jhemini wants to work on her modeling again. She called Rome who she knew from a beauty school she worked at to do her hair for her new headshots. Apparently, Rome went to the school with Carlo, Kate’s husband, so Jhemini felt comfortable telling him that her husband was in prison as well. At the photo shoot, Jhemini was complimenting the features of the guy taking her pictures. She didn’t act like someone that was married. When Michael called she ignored it because she wanted to do her shoot without remembering her husband is in prison. Several times in the episode she said people wouldn’t think she had a man in prison by the way she looks. I wonder why she decided to stay with this guy because she does seem like she is ashamed of him being there. Why else would she take off her wedding ring when she visits her family?
Kate – 28 years old
Husband (Carlo): 1st degree assault, sentenced to 10 years (served 3 years)
Carlo’s facility is on lockdown so she is unable to contact him. I guess I thought all these women had husbands in the same prison but I guess not.
Laquisha (as in La-keisha) – 33 years old
Husband(Philip): felony murder, sentenced to 75 years (served 13 years)
Laquisha is have all sorts of issues from her husband and ex-husband. The ex-husband is about to finish his associates degree and asked for a reduction in child support for a couple months. Philip thinks the guy already pays too little. In addition, she and Ana drove together to visit their husbands. There was an argument between Philip and Laquisha about them have a threesome and what the rules would be. He still has lots of years to go on that so it is kind of funny that they argue about that.
Ana – 29 years old
Husband (Michael): 1st degree murder, sentenced to Life in Prison (served 27 years)
Ana lives with her 2 best friends, Lucas and Brandon. They decide to have a house warming party and they are inviting all the girls on the show. Ana is not too keen on Jhemini and Kate yet but is fine with them coming. Michael doesn’t like Ana getting drunk and wants Laquisha to monitor Ana’s drinking. Laquisha doesn’t drink at all. It just seems odd to me if you are trying to save money, having a party and supplying all the alcohol would be an unnecessary expense. Maybe if the guys are paying or guests are bringing food/drink then it would be ok. She mentioned that she is saving because she knows that when her husband gets out she will have to support them both for a while. I’m pretty sure she said she works at a convenience store. That sounds almost impossible to support a 40 year old man that just got out of prison after 27 years on that kind of salary. You would think when you get out you would want all different types of food, eating out, and other activities. He’s not going to want to stay in the house all day.
Ana’s House Warming Party
I believe the party is 2 hour drive for Kate and Jhemini. That seems really far to go party with people you barely know. Both of them said that Tacoma is not the nicest area so they rarely go there. Jhemini doesn’t like to drive in new places and Kate is giving her instructions that she doesn’t like. Kate wanted to go to a coffee shop in Tacoma so they were not too early for the party. They argued over parking. By time they get to the party, Ana and her friends are already into the drinking. It looked like a frat party with much less people. Carlo called so Kate had to step out. While she was talking, Rome showed up. He was invited by Jhemini as a surprise for Kate although Ana was not told this stranger was coming to her house. Ana starts to have fun with Kate and feels she misjudged her. The majority of the time Jhemini sat messing with her phone, eventually she goes outside to talk to her husband.
Rome sits with Ana and asks her questions about how she met her husband. If you don’t remember, she met him through a website where you can write prisoners. He asked her if it was a thrill for her, was she scared, etc. All types of questions viewers of the show would ask. Ana having been drinking got very annoyed. He said he would stop asking if he was uncomfortable but she said no go ahead. Ultimately, she walks away and complains to Lucas in some back room. She mentioned in an interview that she has had abusive and manipulative boyfriends in the past but Michael is the love of her life. Rome notices the tension around him so he asks Ana and Lucas what the problem was. Rome and Lucas exchange words about hairdressing. Lucas does Ana’s hair but isn’t formally trained. I think Rome laughed at him and he said something about while doing hair he gets all gay as well. At that point, Ana wanted him to leave. As far as what was shown, that was when people started to leave. When home, Kate told her husband that Rome upset people and he wasn’t surprised.