This episode focuses on Rebecca and we are 2 weeks before the murder. There was no extra case this week since the hearings for the Lila Stangard murder are starting. Other unrelated things did happen though. Laurel’s boyfriend offered her a job at Legal Aid which she said she would consider. At the same time, her and Frank are on again. Michaela was called to a law firm for what she thought was a job interview but it turned out her fiancé’s parents want her to sign a pre-nup. Connor decided to bring Oliver flowers to apologize for cheating on him. Unfortunately, Oliver has a new boyfriend that told Connor if he really cares about Oliver he won’t come back. Rebecca and Wes finally screwed and he told her that his mother killed herself when he was 12.
Annalise reached out to Nate for help, but told her he knew she planted that phone on Griffin. He definitely thinks Sam is guilt and thinks she agrees. He said he offered her an out before but now she is on her own. At some point, Rebecca was in a convenience store and was approached by Nate. After identifying himself, he told her he knew she was innocent and asked her to help. I was unsure where this fell in the timeline of all that has happened. I know it was before Sam’s murder.
Lila Stangard’s Murder:
Pre-trial hearings are starting so Rebecca has to give her account to the team. She made a joke saying she strangled the girl. Annalise obviously got angry and said to Sam that she was happy about the miscarriages because she couldn’t imagine having a child like Rebecca. I agree kids are so bad; you can watch the news to see that. Anyway, lots of political maneuvering occurred. Someone went to the newspapers to give a story about how Rebecca and Griffin had a sexual relationship even though he and Lila promised to wait until marriage to sleep together. That resulted in a gag order in the case. Griffin’s lawyer wanted Lila’s body to be dug up to show that the marks on her neck were from female fingernails. Annalise’s team got the mother to speak out against it. Then, we find out that the DA made a side deal with Griffin’s lawyer so he will testify against Rebecca. To counter that, Rebecca, not knowing what a gag order was (right), told a newspaper that Griffin raped her that night that Lila was killed. The DA backed off from the deal.
Most of the detective work by Annalise and her team were finding a way to discredit expert testimony. The DA dropped off some sealed internal reports that Annalise could use. One of the experts saying the marks were from fingernails has previously been discredited him as a prosecution witness. Annalise had her own expert say that the marks looked like bug bites after she had already died. It all seemed to be going their way. However, the DA had new expert information saying that the marks were fingernail marks and asked for the body to be exhumed. The judge granted it. Bonnie delivered preliminary results she had from a source. The marks on Lila’s neck were bug bites but she was also 6 weeks pregnant. Geeze Sam, all they need to do is DNA on the fetus to see it is not Griffin’s and they will be looking for a new male suspect. Annalise just gave him a look. Now, I know why they mentioned miscarriages earlier. If Annalise can get that information removed from the reports she would be a real pro or make it so the DNA came back to Griffin.
The Murder:
Rebecca actually said to Wes that she had no choice but to kill Sam because he wanted her dead. She said he deserved it. Wes cleaned her up in the bathroom and took her to a hotel to wait while they took care of things. While in the hotel, Rebecca called 911, said it was a prank call, and hung up. Why would she do that? Seconds later, Wes called with that phone call we saw in the convenience store with the new cellphone. This is almost like Clue; Sam was killed in the office with the trophy by Rebecca, the drug dealer bartender. Now, I still wonder why Laurel said she was a murderer a couple episodes back. I wonder what drove Sam to want to kill her all of a sudden. Maybe it has something to do with Nate.