Gordon surrounded
The case this week was great. Of course details came out in drips but I’m just going to tell you what happened. A man was found dead on the pier wearing a suit and beaten up. Nygma finds a thumb in the guy’s mouth. Throughout the investigation, they find out that dead man was going out for a job interview and he had office supplies (tacks and such) in his skin. They traced it to an office and Gordon and Bullock see many of the employees are bruised or injured. The boss has swords and tribal type masks all over his office and picks on Gordon for calling his warrior things childish. As they are leaving, without answers from the boss, Gordon sees drops of blood on the floor. It leads to the bathroom where a man is taking care of a bloody nose. Soon a man with a bandage around his hand comes out of the stall, they struggle, but Bullock knocks the guy out with the door as he comes in. Who goes to work the next day when his thumb is bitten off?
With interrogation, the man tells the whole story which is genius. The boss has the job applicants fight for the job. Three men are kept in individual cages in an undisclosed location and asked to fight with anything found in this office. The men were wearing masks and there were cameras. The employees are sitting in a bar setting watching the fights on TV and wagering on the outcome. The boss gives the rules over the loud speaker. Nygma found that there have been 4 recent deaths involving office supplies. Gordon, being an outcast in the police station, went to what he thought was the scene of these fights. When he didn’t come back and no one was able to contact him, Bullock asked for help to find him. At first no one wanted to but then Captain Essen says she will help to look, soon others follow. Everyone is still angry about Gordon’s conduct from before and in this episode he arrested one of the other cop’s informants. Gordon saw the men in the cages but was tasered from behind by the boss. Next thing Gordon knows he is waking up surrounded by 3 masked men. The boss said tonight they have to kill Gordon to win and will get a $1 million signing bonus. Gordon fights them all off but then the boss comes down with his own tribal type mask and sword. He loses as well and Gordon stands over him with the sword but decides to let him live. Essen comes in with some backup just at the end. Gordon thanks her. When back at the office, Gordon calls his fiancée, Barbara, to say he is coming home but she is packed and on her way out the door. I’m so glad. I hope she stays away. She wanted him to share his problems and struggles with the job but now that she knows she is scared. She pulled a gun on him earlier because he came in the house without turning the lights on.
Penguin meets with Fish on behalf of Maroni to discuss terms. He robbed a rich woman of her broche before arriving as a gift to Fish. They are civil until he gives her the broche and she stabs him in the hand with the pin that came with it. Why would he give her something with a sharp edge? Obviously he took it back and gave it to his mother. As revenge, Penguin has the guy working for Fish that has Penguin’s old job kidnapped. They ask the guy for secrets and he says that Fish has someone close to Falcone. They dispose of him because there was an agreement that there should be no violence between the families. No details were given to Penguin but we know it is Liza. Fish met her in a church confessional room to give her a vial. Liza is supposed to put the contents in his drink to knock him out, sneak in to his private office, and copy the last 2 pages of his ledger. When trying to put it in his tea, she is startled by one of his men, and spills more than half of it. She uses it anyway and next thing we know she is at Fish’s club with the information, but saying she wants out. Fish tells her a story of how her mother was a prostitute and one of Falcone’s men killed her while Fish was hiding 2 feet away. Fish promised herself to never be powerless again. An elderly black woman was on stage singing at the time she is telling the story. Later, the woman says Fish was telling stories. Are we to assume this woman is her mother? Who knows? Fish said a lie with the heart of truth is powerful thing. She did promise to protect Liza no matter what.
Alfred decided to send Bruce to a school so he can learn to be around other children. One kid asks him all sorts of questions about his dead parents. At one point, he insults Bruce’s mother and he slaps him. Next, we see Bruce coming out of the school telling Alfred what happened and that he didn’t do anything else because the guy was much bigger than him. Alfred drives him to the boy’s house and gives Bruce his father’s watch. Bruce uses it to punch the kid several times in the face. Alfred tells the boy that he has no intention of preventing Bruce from doing anything to him and he should remember that. At the end of the episode, Bruce asks Alfred to teach him to fight. I wonder the history of Alfred. How does one become the butler of the Wayne family?