LaQuisha (as in La-Keisha) – 33 years old
Husband (Philip): felony murder, sentenced to 75 years (served 14 years)
LaQuisha wants to have another meeting for the Prison Wives Club (PWC). She meets up with Kate and they agree it should be at the strip club. Quisha constantly talks about how she was not able to consummate her marriage 2 years ago. They need to wait 3 years to do so since they got married while he was locked up. She is excited to go.
Kate – 28 years old
Husband (Carlo): 1st degree assault, sentenced to 10 years (served 3 years)
Kate married Carlo before he went to prison so they only needed to wait a year for their conjugal visits. One of Carlo’s friends is having a baby so he asks Kate to get some old clothes from another of their friends. She is disappointed that she has to wait until he gets out to start their family. Neither of them wants Kate to have to go through pregnancy and raising the kid without Carlo being there.
Ana – 29 years old
Husband (Michael): 1st degree murder, sentenced to Life in Prison (served 27 years)
Ana’s friend, Lucais convinces her to go shopping for a wedding dress. She thought she would never have the opportunity being married to someone with life in prison. She and Michael discussed having a honeymoon and such like normal married couples. The “perfect dress” they find is near $1000 so she has to let it go. In a call to her husband, she asks if she can just buy it and he said no. Of course he said no. That is crazy expensive for what is ahead of them. She mentioned she would have to support him for a year and she makes minimum wage. Also, the woman showing her dresses asked about her husband. Ana told her he was incarcerated. Why is that her business? Michael also was not happy about her going to the strip club. Ana did say she wasn’t very interested in going because she belongs to Michael.
Jhemini (as in Gemini) – 25 years old
Husband (Michael): 1st degree assault, sentenced to 10 years (served 5 years)
Jhemini received her headshots back at a restaurant from the photographer. She asked him about himself and if he was single. Not sure that was relevant when you are a married woman. Later, she was hesitant to go to the PWC meeting at the strip club but after talking to LaQuisha decided to try to go have a good time. Michael was concerned what would happen at the club if she was drinking beforehand. He walked off of their JPay (prison skype type program) conversation when she asked him to just trust her.
PWC Meeting – Strip Club
Prior to the strip club, the PWC meets for drinks. A new girl, Drea, attends. She has a twin brother in prison with an assault charge. He has been in for 3 years and she has not felt comfortable enough to visit him. Kate volunteers to go with her for support. Jhemini is still annoyed with Kate from last week and wonders why Kate is acting as if the PWC was hers. It was funny that, in her interview, Jhemini also said she wouldn’t let a stranger in her car especially one with a family member in prison. I laughed because I was thinking the exact same thing but it’s ok for me to say. With Jhemini, she has a husband in prison so people probably judge her the same way. I’m an outsider so it makes sense for me to say it but not her.
At the strip club, Quisha had several men all over her. Kate got a semi-private lap dance from a woman. Jhemini thought what Kate was doing was wrong and to be considered cheating. Most of the night, Ana and Jhemini were on their phones not even looking at the strippers. Towards the end of the night, Kate pulls Jhemini outside to talk about their problems. They conclude that Jhemini needs to say when she is offended/upset and Kate needs to be less aggressive/bossy. After that, everyone was having fun. Kate even gave Ana a lap dance. The next day Quisha’s husband asks if she took pictures from the club and she showed him some G-rated ones. She would not tell him how much money she spent in the club.