Sadly, we will not get another episode until January 29th but at least we know how Sam’s murder happened. We still don’t know about Lila’s death. I’m guessing the second part of the season will be covering up Sam’s murder, picking apart his life, and uncovering his involvement in Lila’s murder. The show is called How to Get Away with Murder after all. This post will be more of a reaction than usual.
Sam’s Murder:
The big reveal has happened. I was disappointed at how wrong my previous conclusions had been. Let’s get to the general story now. Annalise tells Sam that Bonnie told on her about him knowing that Lila was pregnant. They yell and scream about who is to blame, who is really the slut, and whether Sam was capable of murder. Annalise threatens to call the police, but he throws away the phone. He pins her against the wall with his hands around her throat. Fitting visual since I think Lila was strangled and the irony was not lost on Annalise. She asks him if it reminded him of what he did to Lila implying it was sexual for him. He said he only started dealing with Annalise in the first place because she was easy. He did marry her. She said something about 20 years together. I hope we learn about wife number 1. I’m less convinced that it is Bonnie. Annalise eventually runs out of the house leaving Sam to get drunk.
Michaela shows up to turn in the trophy she stole from Asher to get out of the exam. Sam being drunk has no time for her and tries to get her to leave. Then, Rebecca walks in. She saw Annalise leave so maybe thought it was safe to just walk into someone’s house. Sam wants them both out. Rebecca runs upstairs telling Michaela to call Wes. Wes had just finished telling Laurel and Connor that Sam killed Lila so he got to tell Michaela and not to leave because they were on their way. Rebecca locks herself in the bedroom and then the bathroom trying to copy information from Sam’s computer on to a flash drive for Nate. Once they get there, Wes talks Sam into letting Rebecca leave. It worked for a few moments until Sam tackled Rebecca to get the drive. In the melee, Rebecca runs down the steps. In an attempt to follow, Sam runs out and Michaela knocks into him so he falls from the 2nd floor onto the ground floor. So, first one to kill Sam is Michaela. They argue about what to do when it turns out he’s not dead. Now his is on top of Rebecca trying to strangle her (he does like to strangle people). This time Wes hits him over the head with the trophy (killer 2). Why is it always the black people that have to kill someone on TV/movies)? I’m black so I can ask.
The deed is done and we have seen the methods to clean up the murder several times. A few new things happened. The most shocking was that when Wes went back to house to get the trophy/murder weapon, Annalise was just sitting there at her desk (see pic). Amazing stuff. Rebecca was willing to lie saying that she was defending herself in order to keep Wes out of trouble since her trial was coming up anyway. That’s the least she could do for him. How many times has he lied, cheated, and stole just to help her with little thanks from her? At the end of the night, they chopped up the charred body, put it in several bags, and chucked them in a dumpster even though Wes said they should go to an incinerator. Wes probably had the best idea. I guess we will see how it bites them later on.
Acts after the Murder:
Laurel took the trophy to Frank’s house since he was calling her constantly. She asked him to return the trophy to Asher because she stole it but didn’t want the embarrassment of being caught. Frank agrees although he thought she was overacting.
Wes stayed in the hotel with Rebecca and destroyed the flash drive. It would be proof that they were in his house and they don’t have time for that.
Michaela thinks about her future. She comes home to see her wedding dress hanging up. They never found her ring. She decided that signing the pre-nup was not such a bad idea and she personally delivers it to Aiden’s mother.
Connor flips out and goes crying to Oliver, the ex-boyfriend. He tells him he has screwed up and did something horrible. After spending the night there and showering, Connor tells Oliver that he has a drug addiction. He was so upset because he had a bad mix of alcohol and pills. Oliver seems to still care. It would be good for him not to but he doesn’t know that I guess.
Asher, who has nothing to do with the murder, had a drunk Bonnie call him and ask to go to his apartment. He tried to be noble and refuse her advances since she was drunk. I was surprised he did that. I thought he would quickly take advantage as most guys would. She said she is a grown woman and knows what she is doing. Later on, Bonnie gets a call from Annalise asking if she is with Sam. Annalise says Sam may have tried to flee after their fight. We know now this is just part of the plan. She asks Bonnie to come to the office.
After leaving Sam, Annalise winds up at Nate’s house telling him that she thinks Sam is guilty. His wife is in the hospital so he lets her stay the night. Of course they slept together. While he is sleeping, she leaves. Annalise summons all the Keating 5 to the office the next morning. Four of the Five think they are found out. Frank tells them the trophy was found on the door step and is now up for grabs again. The Five are told that Sam is missing after a fight with Annalise where she confronted him about having an affair with Lila. The police are on the way and she wants them to be honest with the police. She says the police may want to question them since they have been working on Rebecca’s case. She looks the longest at Wes and this is where we see the flash back of Annalise in the room with Sam dead on the floor. Again, Annalise and Wes have secrets. I can’t wait to hear what that conversation was like. She probably told him what to do with the body. She would know what to do since she is a defense attorney. We know she had to leave before the rest of them came back for the body and then come back at some point to call Bonnie. Maybe I’m wrong and that was the time she was at Nate’s but I’m not sure. She definitely needs a strong alibi. I don’t think saying you were with a married ex-cop will do it for you.
It was a really great way to end it. Even if the show wasn’t renewed, they still would have a good ending. Annalise is a mess. Now that she slept with Nate again, I wonder how that will help things. Maybe, Nate is using her as well. I wonder about Nate’s pay off at the end of this. Does he just want to see Annalise’s life ruined? Too bad we have to wait so long for the next part.