TV Choices
So I have just started watching TV/Radio programs from outside the United States. I was all excited since I particularly love British Comedies. I am completely disappointed now from looking at network websites to see lots of American shows. What am I supposed to watch? I also realized most of the shows I like are very old. The only cool TV show I have found so far is Secrets of the Castle with Ruth, Peter and Tom. It has a few historians and archeologists at a site in France where they are building a 13th century style castle from scratch using the same old methods. The show is there during its 17th year of construction which is part of a 25 year plan. I saw some videos on YouTube if you are interested. I like castles so it interests me. The hosts are taking part in little tasks and showing the viewer how things were done.
I even looked on the CTV (Canadian channel) and saw little that I not already heard of or seen. One think that I found that has been great is BBC Radio. They actually have sitcoms and sketch shows on the radio. I thought it would be weird but it works somehow. I listen to some of their shows while playing computer games that I need the whole screen for (mostly Facebook). It’s difficult to find some of the old episodes of those though. They have time limits on how long these episodes are on so I have to keep track when it comes around again. I’m going to keep searching. I understand weeks before Xmas is not when new shows are coming out.