Snow Queen Dies
We were able to see the relationship between Emma and Ingrid (the Snow Queen) in a flashback. First, we see Ingrid arriving in Boston (1982), before Emma was born. Can I just say that the actress playing Emma, Jennifer Morrison, was born in 1979 according to Wikipedia. Ingrid goes to a psychic to find out more about Emma but she realizes the woman doesn’t have any powers and Ingrid no longer has hers either. Somehow, Ingrid ends up in Minnesota in 1999 when Emma comes to her foster home after her encounter with Lily. Emma and Ingrid become close to the point where Ingrid decides to go through the process of adopting Emma. They are at a fair of some sort when Ingrid tells Emma about her plan to adopt her but she knew she may not love her like a mother so to think of her as a big sister. Emma told her that she loved her. At one of those games where you try to pick up something by controlling a metal claw, Emma was trying to get a toy and the lights flickered. Ingrid took that as a sign that Emma’s powers were coming. Later to recreate a traumatic event, Ingrid makes Emma stand in front of a moving car so Emma can use her powers to stop it. That upset Emma, she calls Ingrid crazy, and runs away.
Fast forward to Maine 2001, Ingrid uses the scroll to lead her to Storybrooke to wait for Emma. She knew from the start that Emma would show up there when she was 28 years old. I’m assuming that 2011 was when Emma arrived in Storybrooke. Once day (Nov. 2011), Emma goes into Ingrid’s ice cream shop, Any Given Sundae, to buy pints of ice cream for Henry. She is shocked to see Ingrid and yells at her for following her. Ingrid tries to tell her to believe what Henry is telling her and she didn’t come see her because she wanted to give her space. Emma is so angry that Ingrid removes her memories of her right there and stores them in these purple rocks.
With the town being under the Shattered Sight curse, people are fighting in the streets. Locked up in the cells, Snow White and David are insulting each other. Kristoff is annoyed by it since he is handcuffed to a desk near them. He also is rethinking if marriage is a good idea. Anna remembers the story that was the source of the spell. Apparently, killing the king that cast the spell was the only way to stop it. Emma and Elsa don’t want to kill Ingrid but Emma is prepared to in order to save the town. Anna is left to watch baby Neal.
Elsa and Emma confront Ingrid but the yellow ribbons prevent them from using magic against Ingrid. They scurry off to find Rumple but he’s not in the shop. Emma tries to find items that would cut off the ribbons with no success. Then, she realizes that love keep the ribbons strong so she needs hate to weaken them. Her bright idea is to visit Regina since her hate for Emma will work to their advantage. I thought that was crazy. Regina is so powerful normally but when she is angry watch out. Emma had to break through the magic seal on the vault and confronted Regina. Regina being completely evil again was wearing classic Evil Queen garb. It didn’t take long for Regina to attack, the yellow ribbons were able to be removed, and they used magic to push Regina back in the vault. She was not locked in though. Regina ended up at the sheriff’s office where Snow White was. Regina let her out and they started to sword fight. Regina even threatened to kill Neal which made Snow even angrier. I’m not sure how that works. David and Snow still cared for Neal. I thought the spell turned all love into hate. I was disappointed they didn’t want to kill their kid as well.
Regina sent Anna and Kristoff back to where they came from (i.e. the beach). Kristoff yelled at Anna about how simple his life used to be before he met her. He said he was going to swim back to Arendelle. To stop him, Anna hit over the head with a glass bottle knocking him out. That’s right; that glass bottle. The bottle with the message her mother wrote. Anna ran back to find Elsa and Emma.
After fighting with Regina, Elsa and Emma went back to Ingrid with the ability to defeat her but they didn’t. Ingrid said she would give them their memories about her back and they will grow to love her like they had before. She knew they could because they had not killed her yet. Soon Anna came in with the letter. Basically, letter said Gerda (their mother) should not have tried to get rid of Elsa’s powers, that she had a sister with similar powers that she regretted betraying, and asked them to release Ingrid as well as the memories of her sisters. Gerda proclaimed her love for Ingrid. Once Ingrid saw the letter she knew it was true and realized she made a horrible mistake making the curse. She sacrificed herself in order to reverse it. All she wanted was the love of her sisters and now she can be with them. As Ingrid is engulfed by what I guess is glass, she gives Emma and Elsa their memories back. So, no more Snow Queen. Anna and Elsa agreed they need to return the memories of their aunts to the people of Arendelle. It looks like the Frozen story line is over.
Rumple, still evil, had a plan to leave with Belle and Henry. He sent Hook to find Henry. Henry was rude to Hook and ran off. By time Hook got back to Rumple, the spell was broken. See the spell didn’t work on Hook. Rumple still plans to leave. He says no one will be hurt unless they try to stop him. You know that Regina will fight him if he tries to take Henry. Rumple said he couldn’t promise the rest of the world would be safe. Maybe the Dark One will have to fight Jesus for the souls of the worlds. They can make souls hold magic powers. That is probably too much.
It was interesting in this episode how the violence was different. Snow and David could have easily choked each other to death but they didn’t. However the people outside were using weapons on each other. Seems like a case of the upper class people being “better behaved” then the commoners. We still have 1 more episode before the winter break. I wonder if Rumple will be the only villain in the second half. I’m sure next week will give us a clue. I’m not sure what other fairy tale realms are left.