This is my recap of the early episodes of Revenge that relate to Daniel. I will be doing other recaps for the main characters leading up to the return of Revenge in January. Some of my friends keep up with the show through my updates so I am including a chart to let you know who the character is connected or related to. This show can get confusing if you don’t know the history.
With Victoria’s 6 month disappearance and Conrad’s death, his family’s accounts have been frozen. Daniel is quickly going broke. It isn’t helped by his sister, Charlotte, asking him for money to pay for her bills and drug habit. Daniel was blackmailed by Gideon for him to leave Gideon’s family company. If you remember it was photos of Daniel in bed with a dead woman. We assume it was a drug overdose but still the scandal would be bad. Gideon plans to oust his sister, Margaux, out of the company as well. She just happens to be dating Daniel. Margaux is tipped off by Nolan about the blackmail. She and Daniel conspire to publicly out Gideon as a drug dealer in the press by setting up an encounter in a restaurant in front of a reporter. It doesn’t work to the extant they hoped and Gideon comes back to threaten Margaux. She tells him she knew nothing and leads him to believe he needs to attend a meeting in France to smooth things over with investors. What she was really doing was putting a large amount of drugs in his bag so he would be arrested in the airport with her watching. It was a good idea and that helped out Daniel.
Now, Daniel’s focus is on his reputation. He takes a break to confront Emily, in an elevator, about her real identity. Daniel promises not to expose her if she promises not to involve him in the fallout from her schemes. He asks her if she had any real feelings for him. She ignores him and goes about her plans. As a money manager, companies will not touch him. He meets Louise, a rich Southern socialite. She is more than willing to hire Daniel. What he doesn’t know is that Louise was in the mental health facility that Victoria was in and she is obsessed with her. Getting closer to Daniel is just one of the ways she thinks will get her closer to Victoria. Louise gets Daniel to sleep with her once but he realizes he loves Margaux and ends the personal portion of their relationship. Angered by rejection, Louise befriends Margaux to find out what she does and how she gets along with Victoria. Victoria was engaged to Margaux’s father at the time of his death. Also, Margaux, Gideon, and Daniel grew up together in boarding schools and their families were friends. Louise knew all she could do was to get rid of Margaux. With advice from her mother’s voice inside her head, Louise locked Margaux in the steam room at the country club. Margaux had to break the glass to get out. She was told there was no way to lock that door unless you had a small pin. She immediately went to Daniel to tell him what Louise did. He didn’t want to confront her in case she did something worse. Margaux asked if he slept with her and he finally admitted it. She told him she was done with him and his lies.
Louise tried a few times to win Daniel back until he quit as her advisor. Daniel also tried to convince Margaux to take him back. Margaux said he is as unreliable as his father and she is pregnant. She wants to deal with the baby on her own. That news made Daniel think about his life and what he could do to change. He thought about the time his father convinced him not to testify in a rape case that involved a fraternity brother from a rich and powerful family. He wanted to help the girl but Conrad told him there are gods and there are insects. His family was lucky to have money and influence so don’t concern himself with the insects. Margaux told Victoria about the pregnancy which made Victoria contact Daniel. Afterwards, Daniel goes to the beach to think about his father and becoming a father. Margaux calls to him to say she wants him to come home to talk about their future together. Daniel hears glass breaking and runs to his old house. He sees Emily on the ground and runs to her. Kate, corrupt FBI agent, shoots him. As he lay dying, Emily tells him not all of what she had with him was fake. Daniel appears to die being held by Emily. It looks as though Margaux is going to be raising that kid alone after all.
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