This is my recap of the early episodes of Revenge that relate to Nolan. I will be doing other recaps for the main characters leading up to the return of Revenge in January. Some of my friends keep up with the show through my updates so I am including a chart to let you know who the character is connected or related to. This show can get confusing if you don’t know the history.
Nolan is worried at that Emily can’t move on from her revenge tendencies. She used his car to “accidently” hit a woman’s car that she wanted to help in her own revenge. That didn’t work out. All of a sudden, a man breaks into her home in the middle of the night. Nolan just happened to be fixing her security system at the time and got there in time to scare him off. Against her wishes, Nolan reports the break-in to Jack. Nolan is there to comfort her when Emily finds out that the intruder is her father, David Clarke. He also encourages her to tell David who she is. The last straw was when Nolan and Emily are in the crowd during David’s press conference with his “family”, Charlotte and Victoria. It angers Emily but she still waits to tell David. In the meantime, she works on getting Victoria away from him. A TV interview was orchestrated in the beach house Emily grew up in. Unfortunately, David, who had been randomly visiting Nolan, invited Nolan for moral support. He further asked Nolan to join him in part of the interview where he accused him of stealing money that was meant for Amanda. David revealed what he learned about Amanda’s past, which was really fake Amanda’s past, including working in a strip club and living above a bar with Jack. Nolan was humiliated and walked off the set. He ultimately blamed Emily for not telling David the truth. David punctuated his feelings later by going to Nolan’s house and punching him in the face. Since Nolan is a public figure, his reputation took a hit. That didn’t stop him from helping Emily though. She brought to him a key she found in the beach house for him to trace. Nolan delivered. With all this new information, Emily thinks David is lying about his disappearance.
Finally, Emily tells David who she is which forces him to apologize to Nolan. It wasn’t in public so Nolan’s reputation is still tainted. He finds solace at his country club where he meets Louise. She tells him he has the money to make himself happy. Nolan decides the club makes him happy so he buys it. Before purchasing the club, Margaux is almost killed by Louise at said club. Nolan’s employees walk out because they think he stole money from Amanda Clarke. Nolan is not fan of Margaux since she organized the David Clarke interview. She asks him to do her a favor in exchange for helping to rebuild his image. She wants dirt on Louise and her family. Nolan agrees finding out that there are questions surrounding her father’s death. Louise’s family gets a call from Margaux’s company asking questions. She knows it was Nolan digging into her past. He tells her his situation but she accuses him of not being a true friend. Nolan calls Margaux refusing to help any further. To make it up to Louise, he asks her to cohost his party to mess with the press. On the side, he is looking up FBI Agent Kate’s background. He finds that she has an unauthorized gun and phone. Emily lifted fingerprints from her hotel room to try to positively identify her. Just in time, Nolan finds out that she is really Kate Black, daughter of Malcom Black, who is trying to kill David.
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