This is my recap of the early episodes of Revenge that relate to Jack. I will be doing other recaps for the main characters leading up to the return of Revenge in January. Some of my friends keep up with the show through my updates so I am including a chart to let you know who the character is connected or related to. This show can get confusing if you don’t know the history.
I didn’t expect Jack to go from bar owner to rookie cop in the show break. We last saw him being taken into custody for questioning about Charlotte’s kidnapping. But, Jack has been the conscience of Emily as long as he has known her secret. I guess it is only fitting for him to be a police officer. He was still being harassed by Charlotte since she thought he kidnapped her but she learned the truth eventually. There is still a cloud of suspicion around him in the police department especially with his new partner, Ben. Ben starts asking question involving Conrad’s murder. Ben knows that Conrad was responsible for the death of Jack’s wife (fake Amanda Clarke) and brother (Declan). It definitely makes sense. That was the least of his problems. Now, David Clarke is alive and back in town. A man brought in for a line-up as a suspect on who broke into Emily’s house just happens to be David Clarke. Emily wasn’t able to be warned in time before going into the room for the line-up. All of a sudden Emily’s father and Jack’s supposed father-in-law was alive. Jack tried to stay out of the way even though Ben wanted him to talk to David. Jack’s concern for Emily as his dead wife’s best friend caught the attention of Ben. He wanted to know more about Emily plus he already liked her. Ben learned about her criminal past and kept a watch on her.
Part of Charlotte’s harassment of Jack was bringing David to see Carl (his supposed grandson). David asked some questions about Amanda and looked at pictures saying it has been so long his memories of her get confused. Charlotte should be happy Jack didn’t arrest her for burning down his bar and trying to kill Emily. As David’s story became public, Jack tries to stay close to Emily. He is one of the people, who know her secret, that wants her to come clean to David. At the same time, he keeps her up to date on Ben’s obsession with using the Conrad case to get him promoted to detective. While at a previous officer’s funeral, Ben is questioning the dead man’s family and friends. It turns out that guy was a prison guard while Conrad was imprisoned. The man has just come into some money that no one knew real details about. Ben searches around the house and finds evidence that someone had been living in a backroom. Neighbors said someone had been coming in and out of the property that was not the owner. Jack catches him and sees a “double infinity” sign carved on a beam. Of course, Jack has to tell Emily about it. This is not part of David’s story.
Ben further looks into the case when they are called to check out an apartment. A man is dead with photos of David and Conrad related articles. A knife is found that is consistent with what killed Conrad. The car connected to this man was the one that almost ran David over. They don’t know that this is the guy that Charlotte killed and Emily cleaned up the crime scene. Emily assures Jack nothing will be traced back to her. Since this is a big case, the FBI is brought in. Agent Kate comes in and requests Jack to help her. This greatly annoys Ben since he had been working on this. Jack had to put him in his place by reminding him that he wanted nothing to do with this case, but he is being forced. Meanwhile, 2 men attacked David at the hospital while he was with Victoria. One man gets away and the other is kept in an interrogation room. Somehow the caught man is found hanging in the room. As the investigation continues, a relationship starts between Kate and Jack. With the death of their perpetrator and lack of evidence there, Kate is ready to move on. All of sudden, Kate mentions she has some vacation time to stay a bit longer. Jack was happy but that ends quickly when Emily tells him of her suspicions that Kate was involved in the death of the suspect. She told him not to be surprised if she finds a reason to stay longer. Remembering what Kate said, Jack later tells Emily he is with her on her mission to find out about Kate. Jack takes Kate as his date to Nolan and Louise’s party so they have access to her phone. Jack and Nolan wait as Kate and Emily met at Emily’s home. Nolan gets proof that Kate is not who she says she is. Jack rushes to the house. Jack walks into Emily’s home, sees Kate is about to shoot Emily, and shoots Kate.
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