This is my recap of the early episodes of Revenge that relate to Victoria. I will be doing other recaps for the main characters leading up to the return of Revenge in Sunday. Some of my friends keep up with the show through my updates so I am including a chart to let you know who the character is connected or related to. This show can get confusing if you don’t know the history.
After 6 months, Victoria is still in the mental health facility. But she has a plan to escape using some of the other residents. First, she tried to call her house for help and was surprised that Emily picked up the phone. Emily was able to send a text message to let the place know she had a phone. With the arrival of Louise, a rich girl who blames her mother for tricking her to going there, Victoria is able to put one of her friends in Louise’s large trunk. The trunk was taken to a room where the person had access to the fire alarm. All of a sudden sprinklers go off and doors open. Victoria is handed an umbrella and walks out the door. Louise is at the now locked door wanting to go with her, but it is too late. Victoria makes it to Emily’s party as the staff is cleaning up. She wanted to tell Emily of what is to come. As she leaves, David comes up from the behind and grabs her. You can see the shock on her face as he puts a cloth over her mouth. Listening to what David tells her about his devotion to her and Charlotte, she plays the victim. He knows that his daughter, Amanda, is dead and wanted to find them once his name had been cleared. It’s the perfect opportunity for Victoria to tell David about the hardships she has endured at the hands of Emily Thorne.
This is the time when Victoria decides it is a good idea to reach out to her children that she hasn’t seen in 6 months. Daniel tells her he has no secret bank accounts and that Charlotte just tried to jump off a roof. She runs to Charlotte who confesses to trying to kill her newly discovered sister, Emily Thorne. She is still on a mission to get money so she contacts her almost step daughter, Margaux, to explain her family’s financial problems and accepts a family loan. Another problem pops up named Louise. She stops Victoria on the street asking for her help. Victoria has no time or money to help out Louise and Louise feels rejected again. Her plan to be happy and use David is just beginning. She introduces Charlotte to him as the devoted daughter who cleared his name (Emily did that). Emily Thorne is painted as trying to hurt all of them making her a threat to David’s happiness. Victoria had the opportunity to shoot Emily but knew that turning her father, whom she thinks is dead, against her would be much more painful. Victoria goes out to find more money and deal with Daniel. When she returns she finds out David went to see Emily but she was relieved she did not see him. Soon she is brought to the police station to be told that David was alive. She knows this of course but she had to act surprised. To help, she gets an expensive lawyer and is surprised how well David lied to the authorities. She told David that he still needs her no matter what his plans are. I think it was an added bonus for her to see Emily in the crowd during the press conference. You know she was just waiting to see her face knowing that her father was with her.
Victoria is so pleased with herself for keeping David away from Emily. But, David almost being run over outside their hotel makes her worry that something else is coming. She has complete control over silly Charlotte and even takes the time to gloat to Emily. Although Daniel giving David the deed to the beach house did throw her off and soon followed by Margaux showing up with a video camera, she quickly made a deal with Margaux for the exclusive rights to David’s story. Margaux tried to bring up how much Victoria cared for her father, Pascal, so she wouldn’t damage his name. Victoria said feel free to call my bluff. Poor Margaux has no idea who she is dealing with in Victoria. Leading up to the interview, Victoria is nervous about what David will say since he is acting so strangely. She had to admit to Daniel that she was in the mental health facility, even though she doesn’t say Emily put her there, when she finds out Louise is working with him. Louise was nice enough to tell the papers that she hired him to look after her finances. I bet Louise was so excited that Victoria wanted to meet with her. She even had a fantasy on how Victoria would embrace her and want to spend more time with her. Soon in the real world, Victoria arrives very cold towards her. Victoria warns her not to hurt her son and has no intention of seeing her again. I think it sums it up when Louise says Victoria was like a mother to her and Victoria responds with they were only roommates for a day. Oops. Victoria feels much better after the interview seeing that Nolan is going to be David’s enemy. She couldn’t take the risk of Nolan introducing David to Emily. A couple issues did pop up for her though. Charlotte told Daniel about Emily’s real identity and David went to talk to Emily. Then, David asks her all these questions about her dealings with Amanda. She had to step up her game.
Victoria’s possessions had been auctioned off in that 6 months she was away and purchased by someone she knows. She visits the woman knowing she had jewelry David gave her hidden in one of the statues. All she needed to do now is pay off (with some jewelry) one of the strippers to tell David a story and wear the remaining jewelry to win him over. Sadly, they were interrupted when Emily bursts in the door telling Victoria to leave. David asked Victoria nicely to leave them. Victoria knows what’s coming there but didn’t foresee being electrocuted by the live power line on her car. David gave her CPR and called 911. Emily would have let her die. Soon after waking up, Victoria sees David talking to Emily outside her hospital room. You know she can’t have that. She unplugs one of her tubes so hospital staff comes rushing in. Before they can zap her, she plugs it back in. Now, David is back by her side. When confronted about her knowing Emily’s true identity, Victoria tries to spin it in her favor. I’m not sure if he is convinced. At the end of the day, Daniel walks in to talk to her. He’s blaming her for his inability to truly love Margaux. She tells him again that all she did in the past was for her children.
Victoria is willing to play nice with Emily if that insures she can keep David although she is still waiting for the fallout from all the secrets being revealed. The police chief, a friend of Victoria, told her she may need to stay away from David for a while. Victoria got the name of Conrad supposed killer and called her minion to find out who hired him. He told her it was Malcolm Black that wants David alive because he owes him money. Victoria gives him a picture of Emily saying if he wants money she is the answer. And who ends up with the picture? It’s FBI agent Kate Taylor. After learning about Black, David tells her a little bit about his life the past few years with Malcolm Black. Soon Kate pays Victoria a visit and shows her the picture of Emily that she traced back to her. Victoria urges her to get her money from Emily and leave her and David alone for good. Kate asks why Emily would help David and Victoria tells her to figure it out.
Victoria found out that Margaux is pregnant and she quickly meets with Daniel. Daniel tells her that his family has always ignored the truth and he doesn’t want to be like their family with Margaux. For some reason, Victoria tells David that she stole his computer to give to Conrad. She says she found out about Kara, his wife/Emily’s mother, being alive in a mental health facility. It made her wonder if she could trust him and she was angry. Victoria couldn’t risk running away with him, Amanda, and Daniel. Can you imagine? If all had worked out, Emily and Daniel would be step-siblings instead of ex-spouses but still have a half-sibling (Charlotte) in common. While they talk they hear gunshots and go to find out what is going on.
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