This is a new show on Lifetime. I think it could be good, but I’m still deciding. I’ve watched the first 2 episodes so far. We have been introduced to 5 large women going through their dating lives.

    Jenn (26 from LA) is new to dating and still trying to figure out what she is looking for.
    Mar (Clifton, NJ) has just broken up with her on/off boyfriend, Richie, and looking for someone who treats her better.
    Kristi (34 from Fort Worth, TX) is a single mother living with her parents. I think she is the party girl of the group. She thinks being loud and forward is the way to get attention and for people to see past her size.
    Sabrina (31 from Brooklyn, NY) calls herself the queen of first dates. She is a black girl that likes skinny white nerds.
    Jessica (29 from Atlanta, GA) has recently lost 110 lbs. after a boyfriend told her she was too fat to sleep with and finding out he cheated on her with 2 skinny unattractive women. She feels better about herself now that she is smaller. But, she is still a large woman.

The first episode was getting an introduction to all the women except Jessica (hers was early in the 2nd). We saw them go out on a date and/or them out partying with their friends. I already know that Sabrina is my favorite one. She seems fun but responsible and the one I’d probably get along with the best. All of them were going to a dating seminar called Supersize your Love Life for 3 days in LA. Most of the women met at the meet and greet but also were watching Kristi jumping all over the place. The f word (fat) was mentioned (by Jessica) which offended Jenn and she walked out crying. I think the show will have drama between the women plus the seminar will have touchy feely moments. As long as there are more arguments than emotional moments I should like that show.