The mass exodus from the Arkham Asylum caused Commissioner Gillian Loeb to visit the police station. James Gordon, who had been reassigned to work at the asylum, demanded to work on the case to find Jack Gruber (one of the inmates). He had to agree that he would find him in 24 hours otherwise he and Bullock would be working at the asylum. I don’t know how Bullock got lumped into it and neither did he. Harvey was even more annoyed to find out that Gordon had no plan like he alluded to in front of the Commissioner. Ed Nygma was able to match Gruber’s fingerprints to a Lester Buchinsky who had other convictions. He was arrested but would not give up his accomplices. The Arkham doctor, Dr. Leslie Thompkins, brought them a voodoo doll that Gruber made inside called Mr. M. They realized it meant Mr. Maroni. Meanwhile, Gruber, called The Electrocutioner by the press, had gotten his old equipment back, fried 1 person’s brain, and tried to electrocute Maroni in his restaurant. Unfortunately, Penguin got it the worst through a door handle. Penguin said he was going to see his sick mother but really it was Falcone. Gordon decided to put Maroni in protective custody to lure Gruber to the police station. It worked. Gruber rigged the police station to pump electricity through it making everyone pass out, except for Gordon of course. Earlier, Nygma suggested to Bullock and Gordon to wear rubber shoes to protect them from shock but only Gordon listened. There was some fighting and banter. Gordon saved the day by throwing water on device Gruber was wearing. Next thing was a press conference in the station ending with Gordon getting his detective shield back. Gordon even took a second to warn the Commissioner that there will be trouble for anyone that tries to take his badge away again. At the end of the episode, Dr. Thompkins goes into the men’s locker room where for some reason Gordon is living. They make out a bit but are interrupted.
Today was the day that Fish Mooney decided to move against Falcone. She had Eliza kidnapped and called Falcone saying she was contacted to be a go between. He knew it was Fish who did it so she came clean. She ordered Falcone to leave town but he could take Eliza with him. He agreed and Fish said she would call back with instructions. Falcone had resigned himself to living out in the country with Eliza and giving up the crime life when Penguin finally came to him. Penguin was late because of being shocked and while recovering said he had an important meeting with Falcone right in front of Maroni. He had to talk fast to convince Maroni that was just gibberish. The news that Fish kidnapped Eliza was old by then but he told that she was a plant by Fish in the first place. Falcone didn’t believe it until he said she was train to be like his mother. An hour later, Falcone went to Fish’s place to pick up Eliza and asked her how long she knew Fish. She denied everything but it didn’t stop him from choking her to death. His people rushed in to capture Fish and Butch. Falcone recalled all the time he spent in the past with his favorite, Fish, talking about his sainted mother and how it was wrong to use that against him. We have no idea what punishment they will get but he did call in Penguin to say goodbye to Fish before she was taken away.
Other things that happened:
Barbara went home to her parents since she had no place to go. They didn’t seem happy to see her or to find out she wanted to stay overnight. Her mother said she could stay till the weekend but I have no idea what day of the week she got there. It seems silly that the place she shared with Gordon is just empty.
Nygma was trying to impress, Kristin Kringle again. He put a cupcake with a bullet in it on her desk saying it was a riddle. It looks like she is starting to be slightly amused by him even though she still thinks he is weird.