This season is the 20th anniversary of TYFA (Texas Youth Football Association). Again, kids have to register and be checked to make sure they are not lying about their identity or age. The registration “event” is even broadcast on local radio. Things happened in the off season. Marecus Goodloe (Colts head coach) was suspended for the spring season and Charles Chavarria (former JR Broncos head coach) was banned for the year for conduct shown last season. Last year was 8-9 year olds but this time they are 10-11.
Outlaws: Fred Davis – Head Coach, Tony Coley – Assistant Coach, Eric Nolden – Assistant Coach, plus others
The Outlaws are the reigning champions from last season. Coley mentioned the criticism they received about head contact last year but said they don’t get concussions because they are not the ones getting hit. Already a kid is crying on the ground. He was told to walk it off. Davis said if you can’t play with a little pain then you are in the wrong sport. It’s true. Coaches meet (with a white board) to assign positions for the kids. Head Coach Davis has expanded his stuff to have almost 1 coach for each position.
JR Broncos: Joseph Onofre – Head Coach, Lisa Connell – General Manager “Momager”/Executive Director of Operations
Lisa is still manager of the rookie team where her son plays but now has a more expanded role in the organization. Coach Onofre doesn’t think it is right to yell at the kids and the fact that they have fun is more important than a championship. I’m not sure if that will go over well with all the parents. Last year they were pretty mad that they missed the playoffs. He is making a big deal about the “Heads Up” program and reteaching the kids.
Colts: Marecus Goodloe – Head Coach, Paul Wingate – Co-Head Coach
Players Featured: Andru “Smiley” Ramirez
Coach Goodloe has to sit Andru Ramirez because of a serious concussion last season and one at a recent practice. He felt he deserved the suspension and is looking to improve his use of language. During a preseason scrimmage, two kids on his team started fighting on the sideline. Staff broke it up but Goodloe was back to cursing at them for acting up. He threatened to kick out anyone who does that again. Later the team had a pep rally where Ramirez was named team captain but he was sad not to be able to play (see photo).
Spartans: Stephen Mirza – Head Coach
Players Featured: Zoe Robinson – Judith Watson (mother), Toby (stepfather)
The Spartan are a new team to the how and have just moved up from Division 2 to Division 1. Head Coach Mirza has been in the Air Force for 19 year and plans to retire at his 20 year mark.
Zoe is a girl doing her first season of football. Her doctor recommended more physical activity for her since she is overweight. She had asked her parents to let her play football and they eventually agreed. Zoe is way taller and bigger than the boys on her team and is almost as tall as the coach. She is not very aggressive though. Her mom keeps yelling at her to be tough and take all the mean things people say about her in school and use it on the field. At practice, she had a hard time running and some team members started to run with her for motivation. I was disappointed. I’m not watching this for heartwarming stuff. Blah.
Games Featured:
Week 1: JR Broncos vs. Spartans 14 – 32
Zoe’s mom said she thinks she will be timid and not give 100%. They had to get ages checked at the start of the game by opposing coaches. One guy said he thought Zoe was an adult or someone’s mother. The banner the Spartans came out of said “Give Them Nothing, Take Everything”, which mirrors how intense the coach is during the game. He had his own chants.
A Spartan kid is already down. He wants out of the game saying his rib hurts and the coach said no. It’s more of that you need to play through the pain stuff. At the end of the game, the JR Bronco coach is all positive and talking about kids with birthdays.
Week 1: Colts vs. Steelers 22 – 14
There is a measurement controversy in the game. The Colts challenged the call of a 1st Down saying the chain was not extended. Referees remeasured and took back the call. Steelers not happy. Isn’t there a better way to measure things than people carrying around sticks with chains? It’s sad. Oh and the scoreboard isn’t working consistently. So they needed to be told the time left. Steelers call for a time out with 1 second to go on the real clock. We know that because the Colts coaches kept asking the correct time. The Steelers coach didn’t know the time on the board was wrong. Plus, coaches and parents think Goodloe touched the chains on that reversed call. Geeze, people (people meaning parents of 10-11 year olds) are ready to fight over this game. I missed this show.