I couldn’t wait to see how they would put together the suspect switch from Rebecca to Sam. This episode did not disappoint me. I knew that Annalise told Wes what to do to dispose of the body and evidence as soon as I saw her sitting in that room with Sam’s body. It had bothered me most of the season seeing Wes lie about the coin toss in the woods until I saw that scene.
Annalise does an amazing job lying to the police in her interview. Lots of what she said was true. She mostly lied about time frame on when she found out what. Annalise has Nate, a cop, as her alibi whether he is on her side truly or not. Her biggest problem is dealing with the student. She convinced Wes to keep their secret and she would protect all of them. Unfortunately Connor was the first to freak out over the stress. He managed to get Michaela to agree with him that turning themselves in, and pinning it on Wes and Rebecca, was the best for them and their careers. They knew they had to get Laurel to come with them. After Frank alluded to knowing her secret, Laurel told them she would confess with them. However, Laurel confronted Wes with the fact that Frank knew which means he found out from Annalise who must have heard from him. Wes, in turn, informed Annalise that the crew was about to crack unless she talk to them. Annalise and Wes stopped the others outside the police station just as they were about to go in. Now, everyone is united. I’m not sure how much Annalise is going to tell them after this. She did promise to protect them. The funny thing was for their exam, she used their situation as the question and the students had to determine possible defenses for all 4 people. Generally the question was that 4 people walk into a convince store and 1 person decides to rob it. The clerk fights back, the other 3 come to the robber’s aid, the clerk dies, and all help dispose of the body. How to get them all acquitted of all charges? That’s not just the test question but the premise of the rest of the show.
By the end of the episode, the students are trying get back to normal life. Michaela is getting a fitting for her wedding dress, Laurel and Connor are trying to win back their guys (Legal Aid guy and Oliver), and Asher is realizing Bonnie doesn’t want him.
Annalise has produced a lot of evidence against Sam. We now know the baby was his and even have video of him at the abortion clinic with Lila. Cellphone signals put him at the location that Lila’s body was found. With all that, Rebecca’s free and you would think the worst is over. However, Connor calls her from the police station that her sister-in-law is there and she tells the cops not to believe what Annalise says about her brother. I think we are finally going to learn about what happened to Sam’s first wife.