Christmas Vacation
With all this stress, everyone had a rough Christmas break. Annalise just stayed in a hotel drinking until New Year. Laurel basically told off her parent for having no interest in her career goals. This involved her telling them off in Spanish. I looked her up online previously and saw she was Mexican. She also had acting credits with Spanish titles so it wasn’t unexpected to hear her do that in this show. Wes continues to have nightmares. Connor’s sister got him a guy for Christmas but Connor says his is in a relationship. I’m not sure how it is going to work out since Oliver is reluctant to trust him. Who could blame him though? The best was Michaela and the dinner party she attended with her fiancé, Aidan. She was drinking heavily and saw Aidan getting close to a guy. Remember Aidan didn’t tell her he had a thing with Connor in boarding school. She walked over and asked if he was screwing him. Nope, it was just a coworker. That embarrassment plus her general odd behavior caused him to “postpone the wedding”.
The Case:
A woman comes to Annalise saying her husband has 2 girls locked in their basement with one of them being pregnant. She was taken by him when she was 16 too but he married her. After she was not able to conceive, he brought in a new girl that he kept locked up and soon after another one. She wanted to turn him in since one of the girls had a stillborn child and she feared for the safety of this new one. Being his victim also, Annalise wanted to get her the best deal possible even though no one else thought she deserved it. Unexpectedly, evidence came out that put that in jeopardy. First the girls testified that the woman gave them milk (drugged milk) before he abused them so they wouldn’t remember what happened. Then, that first child didn’t die. She raised it in the house until it was 4 when she was afraid the husband would start abusing it. She told the husband it died but she kept it in a cabin with a toy giraffe and she would visit the child. Annalise was horrified about the kid being left somewhere alone. The woman wouldn’t tell were the child was until she got a plea deal with no jail time so she could raise it. Annalise told her she got her a deal and the child was rescued. However, Annalise was lying and resigned as her attorney.
Sam’s Murder:
The arrival of Sam’s sister, Hannah, is putting everyone on edge. She is determined to find out the truth especially when it comes to what Annalise knows. To try to quiet her, Annalise gave Hannah a box of evidence against Sam. It gets to the point where Frank offers to “handle it”. We still don’t know what Frank is. Annalise handles it by inviting Hannah over for dinner to tell her the truth (partial truth really). Mostly, she admits to knowing about Sam and Lila earlier that she told the police and how she tried to cover up for him. It’s just enough to convince her that she tried to help Sam without saying she found him dead on the floor.
The students are starting a new semester of Annalise’s class but are having problems dealing with what happened previously. Laurel wants them to be open and talk so no one cracks under the pressure. Wes already admitted the nightmares are getting to him. Connor probably could have when he saw that his car had been stolen. It was just after he openly worried about trace evidence being in his car. We (and Laurel) believe that Frank took the car for that reason. Frank is also becoming buddies with Asher. Laurel suggested it’s to keep him close. Asher is the only one outside this mess but he still has a thing with Bonnie. He threatened her with a sexual harassment suit. She had to tell him to grow up and act professional. Asher told her she was mean to him all of a sudden and his feelings were hurt. But now he will start to treat her with respect again. Wes and Rebecca are doing well until Rebecca sees a news story that Sam’s remains have been found at a landfill.