Another victim was found. Through a yearbook, Bullock identified the killer as Gerald Crane, a high school biology teacher. He had written a paper about his theory of using concentrated hormones associated with fear to cure it which he thinks is an evolutionary flaw. The equipment he had must have been stolen from the school with how old it looked. Crane was injecting himself with the concoction he made to face that memory of not being able to save his wife who died in a fire in their old home. In his visions, Crane was able to watch his wife walk through flames. He claimed he was cured and now he wanted to cure his son, Jonathan. Jonathan was resistant to it. During the treatment, Bullock and Gordon found them at the old house and chased them outside. Gerald had no fear so he shot at them and was killed. It looked like there were a lot of shots before he was hit. Cops kill people all the time so I was surprised. Jonathan had been shot up with an extra large dose which left him in a constant state of terror. All he could see is the scarecrow they hid near when the police found them but in his visions it was coming at him from everywhere.
Penguin was deeply concerned about how Falcone would protect him from Maroni. Falcone was more concerned with getting Fish’s club up and running again for the revenue. In a meeting with Maroni, Falcone gave him a judge that was kidnapped with some young guy to do what he wanted. Although Maroni agreed, he warned Penguin that once Falcon died it would be all over for him. At the same time, Penguin was preparing for the opening of his club, Oswald’s. He personally delivered an invitation to Detective Gordon. There was a quick meeting between Penguin and Ed Nygma but Penguin was not amused by his riddle. Gordon refused to go to the club and insulted Penguin.
Dr. Leslie is now the new ME and Gordon is trying to balance their relationship. Bruce went hiking on his own where he and his father would go. He planned to return home that night but he fell and injured his ankles. He managed to stabilize them enough to crawl to his camp. Alfred was waiting for him. Although, he saw Bruce crawling didn’t help him. They stayed all night and watched the sunrise like Bruce and his father had.
Fish woke up in some kind of prison camp. It seemed like dozens of people were there. She made friends with one guy that told her who it works there. A man named Mase was the leader and would eat first before anyone else would approach the food. He said he was in charge because he had the only blade in the place. She offered help Mase in exchange for protection. With Fish looking like Jada Pinkett Smith, he agreed. Minutes later, Fish gets close enough to stab him in the neck. Now, she proclaims herself the new leader who is going to give the place order. Her original friend looks to be her new Butch. She is interrupted by a woman being thrown into the prison. She yells that they took her eyes.