It’s too bad this will be the final season of Amish Mafia. I know we thought last season would be the last with the way it ended. However, I am disappointed by who was missing from the show. It looks like no Esther, John, Jolin, Alvin, or Wayne. Esther’s plotting was part of the fun of the show.
The new conflict will be Lebanon Levi versus the Mennonites. Levi only has Caleb working for him now. There has been a rash of violent crimes along with Mennonites attacking/robbing Amish people. Levi decided to continue the show because the Pennsylvania governor called for the show to be stopped. He blames it for the crimes. Levi thinks he is only worried about Amish tourism and not Amish well-being.
Levi has been under attack by the media and his lawyer is unable to contact John and Jolin. John has been in jail and maybe talking to others about Levi. The lawyer suggests that Levi lay low for a while. Levi has no choice but to leave Caleb to do the collections but not “in charge”. His hide out is a house where local Amish send their “defective children”. I saw a couple little people. A girl, Susanna, who is from the Charity Church, is visiting her brother there as she does weekly. They say the Charity Church is separate from the Amish but takes in shunned Amish and Mennonites. Merlin thought they talked about good and bad spirits too much. I think there will be some relationship between Levi and Susanna. She knew Levi by his reputation (all good stuff). Susanna thought the Amish were not pure because they party like crazy before marriage and don’t value family.
Levi at the defect house
Alan is out of prison and the Amish community. He had a child with his girlfriend, who already had 3 kids, and live in a new house. He owns a new business restoring furniture with throwing parties on the side. In this episode, Alan took the cameras, at night, outside the house he and about 30 other children were abused in. When he told his parents as a child it led to other kids coming forward. The fact that the Amish kept things like that covered up is why he has left them and started working for the Mennonites, which he claims to be. I thought he was Amish but whatever. We are shown a Mennonite Mud Party which is just what you think it is. Young people running/sliding around in mud while drinking, doing drugs, etc.
Caleb is left with the tasks of collecting for Amish Aid, tracking down the Black bumper Mennonites, and running his own buggy ride business. The Black bumper Mennonites (BBM) beat and robbed an Amish man who came to Levi for help. Caleb said BBM have completely black cars with the chrome spray painted black so he found some cars like that and smashed them up. They in turn damaged all his buggies for his business. A man came to see Levi for a family problem but refused to tell Caleb anything because he’s not Levi. His growing frustration with how he is treated in the Amish community being non-Amish made him accept an invitation from Alan to go to the Mud Party to talk. While there, a man called Devil Dave gave a speech about how this was Mennonite territory not Amish.
Merlin said his issues with The Bear left him beaten but Mary was there to nurse him back to health. They seem to be living together. His new problem is that imprisoned Amish leader Samuel Mullet’s conviction was overturned and he may be willing to talk about Merlin to get a lighter sentence. Merlin was outspoken against Mullet so he knows revenge is coming. However, while in the corn field, God told him to go to Lancaster and save the Amish people there. He and Mary are on their way there.
Constable Paul Castline
Is trying to find out the cause of the increase in violence around the Amish, but isn’t having much luck finding people.