Lobos: Richard Lopez – Head Coach, Paul Hurt – Offensive Coordinator
Players Featured: Justice Hurt (Paul and Lori’s son)
According to Lori Hurt, Coach Lopez fired Paul (by text message) and gave a 3 week suspension for the family. So the family decides to not let Justice play on the team anymore. Now, Coach Lopez didn’t want to lose Justice or Paul but felt Lori was the problem. He claims it was an ongoing problem and not just last week’s game.
Outlaws: Fred Davis – Head Coach, Tony Coley – Assistant Coach, Eric Nolden – Assistant Coach, plus others
Players Featured: Daibo Johnson – Chené Johnson (mother)
The coaches are beating the kids in races. There’s a coaches’ meeting to straighten out problems. Coach Fred said it’s not difficult to call the defense so he will call it. Coach Tony walks away angry. I don’t get why Head Coach Fred doesn’t appoint a coordinator on each side so the kids get a call from 1 guy instead of all the coaches and get confused. Coach Tony is not happy on how Coach Davis handled it but knows that is the way he does things. He mentioned going out on top so it will be his last year with the Outlaws.
JR Broncos: Joseph Onofre – Head Coach, Steven Rodriguez – Assistant Coach, Lisa Connell – General Manager “Momager”/Executive Director of Operations
One of the parents thinks the amount of kids has gone from about 45 to 30. Parents are not into losing that is for sure. The Broncos are 0-3. At the end of practice, Coach recognizes a player for honor roll saying as “student athletes”, education is more important than anything they do on the field. I guess that changes at the high school level.
Colts: Marecus Goodloe – Head Coach, Paul Wingate – Co-Head Coach
Players Featured: Andru “Smiley” Ramirez – Jacqueline Ramirez (mother)
You have to feel bad for Jacqueline. All she wanted was to get her kids in a sport to keep them out of trouble. Now she has a kid who had a concussion with memory loss and potentially leading to seizures. She said she is a single parent and it seems like a lot to deal with.
Why is there a pastor on the field talking to Andru about he could be a coach in the NFL even if he doesn’t play professional football? Andru is coaching his brother, Brandon as he practices kicking. Coach Goodloe thinks the kids are distracted by the health problems that Andru is having. He asked them to play for him.
Spartans: Stephen Mirza – Head Coach, Kevin Clark – Assistant Coach, Tony Rodriguez – Assistant Coach
Players Featured: Zoe Robinson – Judith Watson (mother), Toby (stepfather)
Seventeen kids at practice after the loss. Zoe shows up late. Coach Mirza was not happy with Zoe’s lack of effort and told her she is lucky he likes her parents and brothers or he would have kicked her out of practice.
Games Featured:
Week 3: Cougars vs. Spartans 31 – 6
It’s odd to start off the episode with a game but we only saw from half time on. Zoe was bored not being able to play. Her mother motioned for her to come to her while the coach was giving his final talk to the team. Zoe said they were supposed to stay after but her parents had something to do. You know that will end up being a problem for the coaches.
Week 4: Colts vs. Ducks 2 – 6
Coach Fred Davis from the Outlaws is watching the game but it is so rainy it’s not very representative. Oop, 15 yard penalty because a Ref ran into Lott’s father on the sideline.
Week 4: Outlaws vs. Steelers 34 – 18
The Outlaw had a great defense this gave which visibly annoyed Coach Tony Coley. Another kid was injured this week. Coach Fred thought it could be a concussion.