The lesson of the day was the 5th amendment. Annalise talked about it in her class. She suggested talking to police is a bad idea no matter what they tell you. All of the things she will do in the classroom will probably be a direct message to the kids (the Keating 5 minus Asher).
The Case:
With all of the drama around Annalise, her longtime client considers removing her from his case. Of course, Annalise has been retained by the mob for 15 years. She had to put the boss in his place. He even said since she is single now to give him a call if she gets lonely and that chocolate goes well with Italian wine. The boss’s business is importing & exporting (I know) but one of their crates was randomly weighed and found containing heroin. Annalise and the team found that the authorities seemed to respond before that crate was weighed. It turns out that the inspector disappeared after the incident. When found, this man admitted on the stand that the prosecutor promised him and his wife green cards if he chose that crate. The prosecutor had the nerve to threaten Annalise on her “upcoming” murder charge.
Sam’s Murder:
Sam’s charred remains (photos shown on that show) were found and identified. Hannah, his sister, is convinced Annalise did it and told that police to arrest her. Since they did not do that, Hannah tried to convince them to search that house. I didn’t realize that was Sam’s childhood home. Eventually they used a past public fight that Hannah and others witnessed, as reason to get a search warrant. Apparently 3 years ago, Annalise threatened to kill Sam and threw an object at his head. Bonnie was instructed to represent Annalise, who did not attend, in that hearing but she failed to get it dismissed. Hannah was happy to gloat to Annalise about the search but Annalise mentioned the unnatural obsession Hannah had with Sam actually using the word incest. All the police found was that scale from the trophy and Bonnie quickly explained what it was and put it back. The kids feel better with that search being over.
Annalise had Frank and Nate working for her. Bonnie could feel she was being left out. Frank found her picking up broken glass in the kitchen because of the shock of hearing about Sam’s body being discovered. Nate is telling Annalise about police findings. Frank is trying to keep Bonnie and Laurel calm. At the end of the episode, we find out that Annalise gave Frank Sam’s ring (the one Wes gave back to her like an idiot) which he put back in the woods with Nate’s stolen fingerprint on it. How clever to put it on Nate. Rebecca had a police informant tell her that a ring was found and that almost killed Michaela who lost her ring that night. Nate’s arrest showed the students that Annalise was working for them. Earlier, Annalise overheard Connor talking to the others about how cold Annalise was acting which didn’t help them. She brought him into that office saying how alike they are. Both of them are worriers and she knows he can’t trust her. But, he should stop worrying and realize she is their best option.
Annalise has her own worries. Bonnie confronted Annalise about that trophy. She figured out that connection between the head trauma that Sam had and the scales going missing. Adding that there were carpet fibers found and the carpet in the house disappeared. She warned Annalise that Hannah will not let this go and not to let the kids ruin her. Hannah is not backing away with Nate’s arrest. She told Annalise he did it for her so it is still her fault. Feeling upset at that end of that day, Annalise calls her mother. I think it would be fun to see what Annalise’s mother is like.
Rudy Walters
Rudy was the guy that lived in Wes’s apartment previously. Wes wondered what happened to him when a Christmas card came from his grandmother. Rebecca says she didn’t know him just that he was crazy. The landlord said he was taken away by that police when Rebecca called for them. It seems like this storyline could become a thing.