Gordon and Dr. Leslie are on a date at the circus and a brawl breaks out amongst the performers. Of courses, Gordon has to break it up. The fight was between 2 families that had been feuding since before WWI over a potentially stolen horse. No one wanted to talk but a young girl mentioned Lila, the snake dancer. It turns out she slept around with guys in both families. Lila’s son, Jerome, said she has been missing since the morning. The men fought because they knew she was dead and each blamed the other. A blind psychic told Gordon that Lila sent him a message from beyond the grave. Dr. Leslie deciphered the message and convinced Gordon to investigate. They found a bloody hatchet with satanic markings. Gordon thought that the blind psychic arranged for it to be there to protect someone. We find out that Jerome is his son and he was protecting Jerome. Jerome thought his father was a sailor. All of a sudden Jerome went from upset to evil laughing (see photo). He called his mother a nagging whore. Jerome is said to become the Joker. Also, 2 people from those warring families are getting married after Gordon chastised them for their silly fighting.
Gordon is about to be involved in a love triangle. Barbara came back to her apartment to find Ivy and Cat living there. Cat told her that Gordon left his keys last week. Barbara was letting the girls help her pick out an outfit to “win back” Gordon. They had her tone it down a bit from her recent skankiness. At the same time, Gordon and Dr. Leslie are going on frequent dates and solving crimes together. When Barbara gets to the police station, she sees them kissing. Although they didn’t see Barbara, she turned around and left.
Bruce held a board meeting with his company to inform them of his learning of corruption and illegal activity. They were not impressed because he is a kid. He plans to go to the shareholders as well. I agree with Alfred that it was a bad idea and they may end up dead.
Oswald’s is not doing well. Penguin has his mother on stage singing and he killed someone that booed her. Falcone sent Victor Zsasz to inform Penguin that he wasn’t pleased with the revenue from the club. To help him run the club, they brought in Fish’s old henchman, Butch. Zsasz said he worked on Butch to make him agreeable to anything they asked. Penguin asked Butch to dance for them and he did. I’m not sure what he could have done to him. He didn’t look deformed or injured.
Fish devised a plan to get her and her new “family” better conditions. She spoke to the people saying some of them would be able to leave but some would have to die. It turns out they are there as organ donors, which is why they took that girl’s eyes last week. When the guards came to take the next person, Fish made it known that she was the new leader and they had demands. They ignored her and asked for the next person to come forward. Fish told him if they don’t get water, blankets, etc. then they would kill the guy they need. The guard said he needs to be alive. Fish called for the person to be beaten to death. The guard threatened to take her to the boss. She agreed if he would stay with her family or the boss could come to her. After the main guard spoke to the boss, he agreed to the demands and to stay while Fish went to the boss. I want to know who the boss is. Hopefully next week.