Devil Doug
Devil Doug is determined to take Lancaster County from Levi and the Amish with the help of Alan. Alan was raised there and all he wants in return is to restore his father’s name in the community (and money of course). Alan’s association with Levi damaged his family’s reputation and business. Together they attacked the Amish past time (volleyball) and stopped the Mennonite run taxi service for the Amish. Devil Doug even convinced Caleb to don a white shirt and join his crew. To prove himself, Caleb used a small cannon to shoot a hole in a silo filled with corn, which is a huge cash crop to the Amish. So far we learned that Doug’s family business (lawn mowers) was destroyed by Levi. His main guy, Zach, was injured in a street race 6 years ago but he still gets lots of women. They saw a buggy parked in 2 spaces with one being handicapped. The horse was removed and the buggy was hit out of the way by their car.
The bishop called Levi 9 times in one hour. He wanted Levi to come back and stop the Mennonites. Levi said goodbye to Susanna and traveled home. On the way, he saw a road sign for Lancaster County that was spray painted with “home of the Mennonites” on it. Once home, Levi was met by 2 men who were left stranded in the middle of nowhere by a taxi on their way to work. Levi tried to get a hold of Caleb but he has no idea that he has defected.
Merlin started a group in Lancaster with writings about the True Believer. He has attempted to speak to the governor about his views on the Amish. Now, Merlin claims Jesus came to him in a dram and he looked Amish. It looks like he will also be fighting against the Mennonites. Maybe Merlin and Levi will have to join forces.
Constable Paul Castline
I don’t know why he is still around. He’s trying to figure who is doing damage around the community. I doubt he will be successful. Showing him doing target practice as a quasi-cop doesn’t impress me.