A group of guys start robbing banks around Gotham. One of the members that is very showy makes a red hood for himself. In the first robbery he jumps on the counter and is shot at 6 times but was not hit. He believes that the hood is protecting him. To get away, he throws money in the air to get a mob started. Later, he tells the others that the person with the hood should be the leader so one of them shoots him and takes that hood for himself. The police track down the Red Hood finding the dead guy. An eye witness saw the new Red Hood as they were getting in their van. He is identified and followed. This guy is too shot by one of the other robber for not giving up the hood so he could impress his girlfriend who is about to leave him. Gordon and Bullock hear the shot, call an ambulance, and find out the robberies were revenge for him not getting loans to open a bakery. One of the banks was not hit yet so they wait for the others to arrive and all of them were shot in a standoff. Left on the ground, the Red Hood was picked up by someone else that shoots a finger gun at the busy police. I guess it will continue on.
Alfred’s old military buddy, Reggie Payne, shows up at the Manor down on his luck. Bruce is happy to let him stay a few days without asking Alfred if he wants that. There are times Reggie talks about the old days but Alfred is quick to stop him. Apparently they were Special Forces types that killed lots of people. Reggie asked Alfred about seeing their faces. After that, Alfred tells Reggie he’s going to have to leave in the morning. In the middle of the night, Alfred catches Reggie stealing things. Reggie said he is in trouble but can’t say what. He stabs Alfred in the stomach and flees. Bruce finds Alfred and calls for an ambulance. Alfred is all hooked up when Gordon gets to the hospital. Cut to Reggie who was working for the Wayne Board. I knew they would get them. His job was to find out what Bruce knows and neutralize Alfred. They paid and thanked Reggie. Reggie tried to tell them that Bruce was a good kid but I doubt they care.
Barbara is happy drinking and hanging out with Ivy and Cat. She offers some of her clothes to them. I think she wants to make Cat into a little her. Barbara tells Cat how pretty she is and that she could use her looks as a weapon. Cat rightly asked how that was working out for her.
Penguin’s club is not doing well. Now, he finds out they are out of alcohol because Maroni control it in the area. Butch informs him of all this. Now I can see a V shaped mark on Butch’s head giving the impression something was done to him. Penguin’s plan was to rob one of the alcohol shipments, but Butch beat him to it with some cops he owns. At the end, Butch and Penguin toast to not being sidekicks anymore.
Fish is on her way to see the boss. It’s just the manager but the owner, Dr. Dollmaker, authorized him to negotiate with her. She demands to speak to the boss. The manager offers her the chance to shower and put on clean clothes. She does and when she returns they threaten to take her eyes. To thwart them, Fish takes a spoon, digs out 1 eye, and smashes it with her foot. Gross, eye juice on your foot.