To address the violence, an emergency Leaders Meeting was held. The Bishop asked for Levi and Merlin to work together to save the community from the Mennonites and Government. Governor Corbett is campaigning against Amish Mafia and Levi for the way the Amish are portrayed. Levi and Merlin went to one of his events in Lancaster but were asked to stay out of the way. Their partnership was blessed because they successfully completed the Shaze Feih. It is a trust exercise where one person is blindfolded and the other verbally leads them down a narrow path surrounded by manure and fire. The path represents heaven and the fire is hell. If each completes it, it is a symbol of a spiritual bond that some think is stronger than marriage.
Levi is in charge of dealing with the Governor. He’s traveling around the community to encourage the Amish to vote against the Governor. Amish people don’t usual vote because they feel God will choose the right leader. But, this leader is going after them directly so Levi wants them to send a message. Levi finally knows that Caleb is working for the Mennonites.
Merlin is focused on gathering information about Devil Doug to hit him where it will hurt him the most. He enlists Mary to seduce one of Doug’s men so they can get information. It worked. Mary lured a man to a barn and tied him to a chair. Merlin arrived to give him a goat cleansing. Honey and oats were put on his lap in a goat pen. The practice is used to cleanse the person of their sins. They say the goat’s sand papery tongue remove’s the sin. I’m not sure why they need honey and oats. I think it’s funny that Mary is seducing random men to do God’s work.
Devil Doug
Doug bought Caleb some new buggies to replace the damaged ones. Of course he gets a cut of the business. Some of his guys destroyed the Harvest Festival as a message to Levi and the other Amish. In retaliation, Levi blew up his weapons shed.
Constable Paul Castline
He is just trying to follow Levi around to figure out what he is doing. Unless there is some grand plan for him, I don’t see why he needs to be on the show. How is he paid to do this? I don’t know the day to day of a Constable. Paul followed Levi to a house that Levi went into briefly.
Lots of Bible verses were shown in the show with talk about how the Amish and Mennonites dress differently. I feel like I’ve heard that before so no reason to spell it all out again here. Basically, Amish people dress more plainly with dark colors.