The Case:
Annalise’s case involved a priest who killed another priest. He had originally pleaded guilty but when he saw the woman who works with him at the trial he wanted to fight the charge. They cared/loved each other but had not acted on it. Annalise blamed herself in court for him changing his plea. She blamed it on her lack of concentration to correctly inform him of his options. After talking to the priest again, he stated a teenaged boy he worked closely with told him he was being abused by another priest and the boy hung himself. Soon after, the priest confessed to him. At some point, he killed him in the church but because it was a confession he cannot testify about it. Annalise tried to get him to break that but he refused. To try to get him acquitted, she convinced the woman to lie that she was with him the night of the murder. He was outraged and confessed to 1st degree murder.
Frank knows about Bonnie and Asher. He told them he may tell Annalise. It looks like they are going towards a relationship. She is sure that the dirt she has on Frank will keep him quiet. Oliver asked Connor to get an STD test with him since he thinks Connor is a drug user. Connor came back clean but was really worried. I was so disappointed that Oliver came back positive. I bet Connor will stay with him for a while but not as long as if he was clean.
Michaela had lunch with Aiden’s mother who urged her to reach out to him. Michaela finally decided that this marriage would be a bad thing. She told her that her son is probably gay and doesn’t really love her but she must know that already the way that she is pushing him towards a girl she doesn’t like. With all the mess with Rebecca, Laurel implies that Frank would take care of it. Frank gets offended that she sees him as a hitman.
Sam’s Murder:
Nate was denied bail so Annalise and Frank arranged for him to be beat up in jail. Unfortunately, it didn’t get him out just put in solitary confinement. Their next step was to get photos of the judge talking to Asher with the instruction that he should work his charms on her. Asher didn’t know why of course and he’s the only one not involved with Sam’s death. Nate’s lawyer used the photos to get the judge off the case. The judge also knew Asher’s father who is also a judge. Later, Asher asked if it was a coincidence that she was the judge in Nate’s case. Once the judge was removed, Nate was released on bail and Annalise urged him to call the number she gave him for a better lawyer. He could barely walk up the steps of his house. He does decide to call that number but the prosecutor of the case is starting her investigations. Annalise agreed to testify for the prosecution. Now, her story is that Nate followed her home and had a physical altercation with Sam who had been drinking and preparing to leave. That explains the fingerprints on Sam’s ring. At the end of the last episode, the prosecutor arrives at Asher’s house to question him about Annalise.
Lila’s Murder:
In a flashback to 5 months ago, Rudy Walters, who lived in Wes’s apartment, overheard Lila arguing with Rebecca. Lila pretended to be innocent and confused just to mess with Rebecca for fun. Her life was boring and she used Rebecca whom she called something like a druggie whore. During the fight, Lila said she would go back to Griffin (her bf / football player later charged with her murder). Rebecca said he was a loser and not good for her. So like Griffin said in his meeting with Annalise, Rebecca arranged for Lila to come to Griffin’s room while she was having sex with him. Later, Rebecca went to the sorority house to talk to Lila.
Wes and Laurel have met with Rudy in the hospital. They were observed discussing it by Michaela who told Connor. All four of them confront Rebecca saying that she drugged Rudy to make him an unreliable witness to her coming home covered in water after putting Lila in the water tank. Rebecca’s response was that the campus cop who saw them at Annalise’s house had been fired for stalking female students and is now working in Delaware. She assumes Frank and Annalise had something to do with it. He may not know what is going on and she threatened to contact him. What do the students do? They tie her up and call Annalise.
Annalise decides to move Rebecca to her house. She tells all sorts of stories about the night Lila died. Annalise decides to let the students (minus Asher) present their case proving why they think Rebecca is the killer. No one gives a good answer. After Asher and Nate’s prosecutor comes to the door, Rebecca is moved to the basement. Annalise tries to get her to talk but nope. Wes had to be talked into speaking to Rebecca, which is when they find out the truth. While they discuss upstairs how truthful it is, Annalise says it is over. No one will talk and they need to let Rebecca go. However, Rebecca is gone and she asked who let her go. Little did they know that Rebecca was dead in the corner. I think Annalise asked Frank if he killed Lila and he said no I thought you did.
The last episode answers all the Lila questions with a series of flashbacks so I’ll give the rundown here.
Rebecca went to the roof of the sorority house to find Lila and didn’t see her. Then, a phone rings and it was Lila’s on the ground. She looked on top of the water tower, saw long hairs, and lifted the lid seeing Lila floating in there. Rebecca jumped in after hearing someone coming. When she got home, Rudy saw her and asked about her fight with Lila. He is invited into Rebecca’s apartment where she gave him a mixture of PCP and a power drug she had not taken but knew it was dangerous. Rudy freaked out and was scratching at his walls until his fingers were bleeding. She called the police and he was taken away.
We know that Lila went to Sam’s house to speak with Annalise but was intercepted by Bonnie. Lila had also called Sam when he was at Yale. She talked about going to his wife or killing herself so Sam came back to meet her. They talked on the roof of the sorority house. Sam told Lila that he loved her and was going to tell Annalise right now. He left and called someone to “take care of it” because they owed him. They showed a couple scenes of Lila being strangled and at the end the camera pans around and it was Frank. For a second, I thought it was going to be Bonnie because always acted nervous around Sam. Frank put her in the water tank but didn’t see the phone which disappoints me.
The Aftermath:
Michaela got drunk at a bar waiting for Laurel to arrive. Laurel actually had Michaela’s ring which was in Connor’s car. She told Michaela she kept it so she wouldn’t talk. It was a smart move. Wes was at Annalise’s house crying about Rebecca going missing and not knowing for sure if she killed Lila. Annalise told him that they both need to believe it was Sam and everything will work out.