Fish woke up with the Dollmaker standing over her. He gave her a new eye which is blue. She suggested he make her “upper management” to stop her meddling in his business. In the tour of the facility, Fish sees how high end this place is. There are even activities available for the patients. It’s like Upstairs, Downstairs. Fish agrees to supply him with a steady supply of organs in exchange for better living conditions. We see what happened to the manager she spoke to earlier. The man is now a patchwork of limbs. It was gross. When back in the basement, Fish turns over her right hand guy and the henchman they took hostage. With this, the Dollmaker trusts her enough to give her the position she wants and shows her she can’t escape because they are on a snowy island.
Gordon visits Alfred to get information about who did this to him. Bruce tried to tell him but Alfred stopped him saying they didn’t know. Frequent phone calls where coming in from Captain Essen so Gordon couldn’t stay to press the issue. It turns out that Detective Flass, who Gordon had arrested weeks ago for murder, is free. Commission Loeb arranged for a secret witness. The witness turned out to be Harvey Bullock. Loeb has dirt on Bullock to make him lie. Gordon was outraged and went to Harvey Dent to find a way to take Loeb down. They tracked down Loeb’s ex-partner to find out where he keeps his information. The partner gave him the name of a Chinese bookkeeper that Loeb uses but it was a set-up. Lucky for them, Bullock showed up to save them. After a more aggressive conversation between Bullock and the partner, they found out that Loeb worked with Falcone (of course).
Their only option was to ask for Penguin’s help. Penguin agreed in exchange for 5 min alone with the secret (non-cop) files and a future favor from Gordon. Penguin took them to a house he found out about which was lived in by an older couple. They lied saying they were there for an inspection set up by Loeb. The couple pretended to believe it and pulled guns on them. There were noises upstairs so Bullock and Gordon left Penguin to guard the knocked out couple. Upstairs was a woman who happened to be Loeb’s daughter, Miriam. All Gordon knew was that questions surrounded Loeb’s wife’s death of falling down the stairs. Miriam showed the detective a necklace she made from birds’ bones. She captured and killed the birds. Gordon got her to tell what happened at her mother’s death. Miriam has some control issues. She killed her mother for ruining the night she wanted to sing at dinner. Gordon took the necklace to Loeb basically blackmailing him for his silence. Now Loeb works for Gordon. Gordon wanted Flass tried legally, Flass’s nomination for president of the union, and Bullock’s file. Bullock warned Gordon that 1 bad thing can turn into more and won’t be erased by good deeds.
The old couple from the house escaped with the help of Penguin who pretended they attacked him. Back at his club, he told them that he could only get 1 ticket to Arizona so that they would have to choose who was going. The man said they have been together for 20 years and wouldn’t want to part. But, the woman attacked the man and strangled him. Sadly, Penguin lied because he only had 1 bullet so he needed one to kill the other.
Alfred is still alive and not willing to snitch on his friend for stabbing him. He is determined to find Reggie Payne himself. Cat visited him because she and Ivy were at the hospital to steal food. Bruce told her what happened and she offered to help him find the guy. He refused not wanting to put her in danger.
Ed Nygma had the courage to ask out Kristin Kringle after finding out she is done with Detective Flass. Unfortunately, she has already moved on to the next cop who told him an easy riddle. Nygma even had flowers for her. He just threw them in the trash.