The Bishop informed Levi that hiding place of The Book of Menno Simons was in danger.  Caleb described the book as their Constitution. Apparently, it was buried on the grounds of a farm by Alvin years ago and the landowner is in financial trouble. Levi goes to the owner to find out that he owes the bank $800,000 and the farm will be put up for auction soon. Of course, he didn’t know where Alvin buried the book. Levi decided to go to Florida where Alvin is now. Alvin joined the church and is forbidden from working with Levi. While in Florida, Levi tracked down Alvin and saw him coming out of the courthouse. He decided he may not be trustworthy now so he plans to just buy the farm. The land owner didn’t want Levi to know he was selling stuff to get the money. Caleb showed up to buy some horses but the guy thought Caleb was still working for Levi so he mentioned the book to him. Caleb told Doug and they plan to be at the auction. Levi tried to purchase it before the auction but the bank rep said that is not how it works. Not liking to be told no, Levi finds the bank rep’s house and pours manure on his car. I don’t think that is fair since he has nothing to do with it.
Susanna beach
Levi used the Florida trip as an excuse to take Susanna away. It was the same place he took Esther. He kept talking about how good and pure Susanna was especially in comparison to Esther. At the beach, Susanna took off her traditional dress to reveal a bikini, a piercing, and tattoos. It seems that is a no no among the Amish. Levi said he couldn’t be seen with a girl who marked herself that way. He told her to go away and he got her a bus ticket home.
Devil Doug
To retaliate against Levi for blowing up his weapons shed, Doug started targeting Levi’s business with the help of Alan and Caleb. They damaged buggies, dandelion wine bottles, and construction equipment. Alan is waiting for Doug to help restore his father’s reputation and confronts him about it. Doug doesn’t want Alan to think he can push or hurry him. It looks like there will be conflict there.
Merlin hijacked a Mennonite tour group and left them in the country somewhere. Mary and Merlin are worried about money. He asked Levi about giving him part of Amish Aid but Levi was not having that.
Constable Paul Castline
He is still chasing Levi’s people around. This time he found Big Steve who also got in trouble with the church for working with Levi. He was at some Amish work camp.