Chris Coleman, TYFA Executive Board Member, contacted a Math professor who has worked with the NFL on team ranking issues. Mr. Coleman wants to better decide how to deal with their seeding in the playoffs particularly when there are tying records. This was hilarious watching the professor at a white board drawing diagrams and formulas. It was way too much for Chris so he wants him to talk at their meeting. Who does this professor think his audience is? He needs to simplify all that.
Coaches Fred Davis (Outlaws) and Marecus Goodloe (Colts) went out to eat again but this time with their significant others. Marecus is trying to get his ex-coach Paul Wingate to come back. Fred wants Marecus to coach for the Outlaws. He said Tony Coley has a good relationship with some of the players which makes him an asset. They believe there is a chance they will play each other in the final game.
The Hurt family found another league for their kid to play in that used to be part of TYFA.
Outlaws: Fred Davis – Head Coach, Tony Coley – Assistant Coach, Eric Nolden – Assistant Coach, plus others

I don’t know why I’m not surprised that Coach Davis is in real estate. They have 1 more game until the playoffs.
Spartans: Stephen Mirza – Head Coach, Kevin Clark – Assistant Coach, Tony Rodriguez – Assistant Coach
Players Featured: Zoe Robinson – Judith Watson (mother), Toby (stepfather)
Zoe and her parents did a boot camp session with a personal trainer. Judith beat Zoe in running. It’s the last practice and their goal is to be the spoilers for the Colts.
Colts: Marecus Goodloe – Head, Clayton Guillory – Assistant Coach
Players Featured: Derek Mata
                              VJ Durst – Veronica (mother)
                               Cruz Untz –Libby (mother), Rob (father)
Coaches still have to decide who will be their starting quarterback since the normal starter (VJ Durst) doesn’t show up all the time. Last week, Derek Mata played quarterback. Coach Goodloe thinks VJ gives them the best chance to win so they will start him but rotate Derek in.
JR Broncos: Joseph Onofre – Head Coach, Steven Rodriguez – Assistant Coach, Lisa Connell – General Manager “Momager”/Executive Director of Operations
Coach got a Super Bowl winning football player who is from TX to speak to the kids about working hard to reach your goals. I don’t think that is going to make them win.
Lobos: Richard Lopez – Head Coach, Paul Hurt – Offensive Coordinator
It’s the last practice for them so the kids aging out of the program said a few words to the team.
Games Featured:
Outlaws vs. Cougars 21 – 8
We see the game from the 4th quarter and they stay undefeated (8 – 0).
JR Broncos vs. Lobos 14 – 26
Starting in the 2nd quarter, Lisa has to say watch the game not the girls. It’s funny because that’s why the cheerleaders are there. It was lots of back and forth with the Lobos running 100 yards for a touchdown to win the game.
Colts vs. Spartans 41 – 7
In the beginning, boys on the Colts were talking about a girl being on the other team. One said he’s not hitting a girl and the other said if she put the pads on she has to face the consequences.
Cruz Untz injured his tailbone last week and didn’t practice since so this is his first day playing again. He told his parents (Libby & Rob) that he was 80%. VJ Durst, starting quarterback, missed the last game and now his jersey is missing. He has to borrow one. Coach Goodloe is rotating in players. Zoe finally was aggressive in the game.