Queens of Darkness (Past)
After their honeymoon, Snow White and Prince Charming (David) went to find the Evil Queen (Regina). Instead they were confronted by Maleficent, Cruella de Vil, and Ursula. With Regina stealing the curse, the Queens of Darkness needed 2 true heroes to find out how to stop the curse from the Tree of Wisdom. Snow and David were hesitant but thought it had to be done for the good of the kingdom. The Queens escorted them almost the whole way. When they were close, Snow and David escaped and tried to ask the tree themselves but they were just blasted off their feet. They were found immediately. Initially they thought Snow and David were not as valiant as they appeared. Then, Maleficent looked closer at Snow and realized she was pregnant. Because the child is a product of true love, it would have equal potential for being a powerful villain or hero. They knew they had to find a new way to stop The Curse. Later, Maleficent came to Snow while she slept. She had David under a spell. Maleficent said she was pregnant too so they should work together to stop the curse. Snow refused to join the darkness and condemn her child to that kind of life.
Queens of Darkness (Present)
Snow had a nightmare that the Queens came to their home and threatened her and her family. David was also unable to sleep. Both of them were worried about their secret getting out with Ursula and Cruella in town. Ursula and Cruella were not being treated well by the locals and Regina had to threaten them not to mention her past dealings in front of Henry. David convinced Emma to help him track them. The Queens had visited Rumple’s shop now run by Belle to steal a box. Ursula used her tentacles to grab it from another room. Belle realized it was gone so, the sheriffs (David and Emma) stopped Cruella’s car to find it. David found it and found a claw holding a ball inside. He knew it was special to Maleficent so he took it but left the box saying to Emma he found nothing. David showed it to Snow and they guessed they wanted to revive Maleficent. Their plan was to steal the ashes first. They didn’t know that Rumple had already found the ashes.
David and Snow told Emma they were going hiking and they were wrong about Cruella and Ursula still being evil. The ashes were underground below the library. Snow and David were knocked out next to the ashes. Rumple told the Queens to do what needed to be done and handed Cruella a knife. It turned out the way to bring Maleficent back to life was to combine the ashes with the blood of the people who wronged her the most (i.e. Snow and David). Their hands were cut. It was all a ploy to get them to come down there. Maleficent warned them that she would let them keep their secret but make them feel slow pain like she did. Snow and David decided it was time to tell Emma their secret when they overheard her telling Hook that she almost thought her parents lied to her but she knew they would never do that. She always expected the worst in people. So, they decided not to tell her and just say Cruella and Ursula resurrected Maleficent because they are villains. Snow met with Regina, in the rain, to ask her to pretend to join the Queens as a spy. Regina doubts they would believe her and wanted to know why. Snow said that it was their fault that Maleficent lost her child. It has something to do with trying to keep unborn Emma from being evil. The end of the episode showed Maleficent, with the other Queens, connecting the claw to another piece and shook it. It was a baby’s rattle.
The Author
Henry showed Regina the additions August added to the book about his life as Pinocchio. She thought Pinocchio knew something about the Author. I forgot that Blue turned him back into a boy. Regina brought the boy in with Geppetto to see what he remembered about his life as August. He didn’t remember anything and Regina got angry. Emma and Henry had to take him away. Geppetto got right in her face saying with all the suffering she has caused, she doesn’t deserve a happy ending. He also told her to keep away from his boy. Later, Regina apologized and he gave her August’s bag that he kept in case Pinocchio remembered. She gave the sack to Henry that had August’s things. He found a page with the picture of door and “Author?” written on it.
Rumple was spying on Belle and saw her kiss Will Scarlett (the Knave of Hearts). Hook has some kind of past with Ursula. He wasn’t willing to tell Emma about it when she asked. Now, she says he can tell her about it when he is ready. She asked if he broke her heart and he said worse.