Levi wanted the Ordnung changed to let Amish business owners use electricity. Usually Amish get it through Mennonites for a fee. He wants to cut out their dependence on Mennonites with all the violence. The bishop agreed but still wants the Book of Menno found. A Mennonite business man contacts Doug to complain that this rule change could cost him money. Levi instructs Brent to go to prison to speak to the only other person who may know where the Book is hidden. Brent was lent to Levi by the church. He is branded on his hand with a T for being a thief. Of course we can’t know anything about who he is going to see or what they said. Brent was able to deliver the Book to Levi but he is still going to buy the land at auction.
To make some money, Merlin brought in Dena, from Ohio, to sell make up door to door to Amish women. This is something she does even though women are forbidden from wearing it. Merlin met her at demon camp when they were young. He wouldn’t discuss why he was at a camp where the Amish send people who may be possessed. Levi found out from an informant working with Merlin. Levi hid out in a house and when Dena came he took her money. Merlin found the Judas in his group and branded him.
Dena showed us the underwear handed down to the women. I think she had a pair of her great –great grandmother’s underwear. Her and her mother’s underwear is much smaller.
Constable Paul Castline
Paul thinks Levi is seeing an English girl. He went to Merlin for information, but Merlin turned around asking for evidence of this woman to get Levi shunned. Neither of them what to help the other.
Alan took Doug around to see what the Amish do at night. They followed a Deacon picking up Amish Aid in the middle of the night and using it to get a “window whore”. People keep a light on to let people know they are available. I’m pretty sure that the guy told Levi that he was robbed. To send a message, someone blew up Doug’s car.