TYFA is using a mathematician to help with making the playoff brackets. Who knew it was that serious? Now, everyone waits for the call to find out where they are in the standings. Well, by everyone I mean the Colts and Outlaws.
Outlaws: Fred Davis – Head Coach, Tony Coley – Assistant Coach, Eric Nolden – Assistant Coach, plus others
Record 8-0: 2nd Seed
Bye week for them. Their practice is part fun with the coaches playing ball as well.
Ducks: Lionel Benford – Assistant Coach, Alan Guyton – Assistant Coach
Players Featured: LaVonte “Red” Benford – Lionel (father)
They are watching film for their next opponent, Greyhounds. Benford got into a fight after the last regular season game. He has been suspended for the rest of the season by TYFA. His kid is still playing in the game so he is still at the practice.
Colts: Marecus Goodloe – Head Coach, Clayton Guillory – Assistant Coach
Players Featured: Brandon Wilson – LaShon (mother)
Record: 5-3: 8th Seed
Marecus got the area he wanted and their first game is against the Predators who were on the show last year.
Brandon Wilson’s grandfather, Pops, died when he was home with him. Marecus lost his grandfather who raised him so he knows what he is going through. Coach Goodloe decided to dedicate the rest of the season to him since he was such a Colts fan. Marecus is so hands on with these kids. He’s going to Pop’s funeral which is before the game. The whole team is there and then they are driving 3.5 hours to the game. They didn’t plan it out very well. Starters should have gone with Marecus.
Games Featured:
1st Round: #9 Predators vs. #8 Colts 0 – 47
Fred Davis is in the broadcast booth for some reason.
1st Round: #12 Greyhounds vs. #5 Ducks 7 – 52
The Duck’s coach told them they can’t give the opponent hope by letting them score.
2nd Round: #1 Mustangs vs. #8 Colts 6 – 15
One of the Mustangs coach said if you don’t win this is your last day of TYFA football. One of the kids is waiting outside the stadium to get his equipment. The kids on the Colts were very upset especially Brandon. Coach Goodloe made sure to try to calm Brandon down.