Merlin was confronted by a protester against the Amish Mafia show. Mary and he decided to go to New York City to a protester’s meeting. They wanted to tell the people what life was actually like as an Amish person. Mary says she and lots of other girls she knows have been abused but told by their society to keep quiet about it or even blamed for it. They want to tell these people that they know nothing about being Amish. Merlin thinks all they are protesting about is the loss of money with the Amish being seen as they really are instead of an idyllic tourist attraction. When they got to the meeting, the police were called to removed Mary and Merlin. This was Mary’s first time on an airplane.
Levi is still dealing with the Mennonites. He also has the Amish people coming to him. A woman says her son may have an English girlfriend and asked Levi to find out. When he went to the place, he found a kid running from him but then his car blew up. No idea what happened there. A man came to Levi saying that he was intimidated into selling his truck to Doug at his Purity Sale. Purity Sales are when young Amish people sell all their English items before being allowed to join the church. Levi sent his goon to steal the truck back. Levi was approached by a protester too.
Devil Doug
Doug is angry at Levi for blowing up his car and is taking it out on Caleb and Alan. He sent Zach to speak with them in his place from now on. Alan is annoyed because Doug has still done nothing to clear his father’s name. Doug is focused on buying the farm that he thinks still has the Book of Menno. Levi goes to the auction to make Doug think he still wants it. Doug paid $1.5 million for it, tore it up, and realized someone had dug something up previously.
Constable Paul Castline
The constable felt the need to “warn” Levi’s lawyer by pulling him over. Next thing he knows there is a civil suit against him from some woman. I don’t know the role of a constable but it seems scary that he can just follow you around for no reason.