Ursula (Past)
Ursula started out as a mermaid being forced by her father to lure ships to their death using her voice like a
Siren. Her mother had been killed by a pirate so this was a way for her father to get revenge. When Hook’s ship came close to Ursula’s rock, he was spared. Ursula was fed up and ran away to live on land using a magic bracelet. She felt her voice was the only thing she had left of her mother so she didn’t want to use it to hurt people. Her goal was to go to a place her mother told her was her favorite place to sing so she started working in a tavern where she met Hook. He offered to take her on his ship because her voice made him forget his hatred for Rumpelstiltskin. While outside the tavern, Hook was kidnapped and brought to his boat where Ursula’s father was waiting. He offered to give Hook some squid’s ink that could kill any being (including Rumple) if he would trap his daughter’s singing voice in a small shell. Hook refused because he knew what it meant to her. He told Ursula what her father said and she agreed to steal the ink for him. Once Ursula returned, her father appeared and took away the ink. Hook was so angry that he took Ursula’s singing voice and threatened to destroy it if he did not leave. Ursula was upset with Hook for going back on his promise. She also was angry at her father for wanting to take her voice in the first place. Ursula took his staff, turned her fins into octopus arms, and warned her father that he would need protection from her now.
The Author
Regina is still undercover. They are ready to interrogate August (Pinocchio) and he is not talking. Regina threatens him with fire. He tells them he has information about the Author in his trailer. Rumple says he is going to look but comes back with a potion to undo the fairies’ magic, which turns August back into wood. This also allows his nose to grow when he lies. Rumple asks questions and August still tries to lie but he is put closer to the fire. August tells Regina he knows that his father, Geppetto, gave her all his stuff. He spoke about the door that the Sorcerer trapped the Author into but not knowing where it was. They looked in the Sorcerer’s house and found no door. Regina sent a message to the Charmings to tell them what she knew of their plans. They went to rescue August when it was just Cruella there. Ursula arrived and was able to grab Snow White with one of her tentacles to keep Emma from using her magic. In the commotion (see more below), Cruella escaped to warn Maleficent, Regina, and Rumple about August’s escape. She blamed Ursula for their secrets being out not knowing it was Regina.
Rumple ordered Regina to steal back the page from the story book showing the door. When Regina got there she told Emma of her dream seeing Robin but having the “the Evil Queen” approach them with a fire ball. She felt “the Evil Queen” was trying to protect Robin for some reason. As a favor, Regina wants Emma, former bounty hunter, to find a way for her to contact Robin. Emma agreed when August awoke. They asked him if he knew anything else about the location of the door. He said he did know where it was but the way Rumple asked the question made it so he wasn’t lying. Rumple asked if he knew where it was and he said no. He said no because he didn’t know where the story book was. The page is the location of the door. The Author is imprisoned in the book.
Ursula (Present)
During the interrogation of August, Ursula was called by Hook through a conch. He offered to help her get her happy ending if she told him Rumple’s plan. It turns out the shell with Ursula’s singing voice was still in his ship but he had no idea where the ship was now. Ursula used a part from his ship to summon it but it ended up being a small ship trapped in a bottle. They took the bottle to Belle and Will. Will had spent a lot of time in Wonderland so they thought he would have a way to make the small ship big again. Using some kind of liquid, they were able to enlarge the ship and retrieve the shell. Ursula tried to get her voice to come out but it didn’t work. She said since she didn’t get what she wanted the deal was off. Hook pulled a gun on her but she has several arms and dropped him into the water. Lucky for him, Ariel was trapped in the bottle as well and saved him from drowning. Ariel alluded to Blackbeard having been in Arendelle where Anna and Elsa live. Ursula went back to Rumple’s cabin in time to save Cruella from the Charmings. Soon, Hook returned to tell her it didn’t work because they needed the person who enchanted the shell to undo it. Ursula’s father showed up, after being found by Ariel, to give Ursula her singing voice back. Ursula was happy to leave with her father. Before leaving, Ursula tells Hook of Rumple’s plan to turn Emma to the evil side. The Author would not be able to give people their happy ending with the Savior around. Emma was the one who gave the people of Storybrooke their happy endings.