A lot of weirdness happened in this episode. Blood moons (moons with reddish color) effecting the mental state of Amish women so much so that they have to be taken out of society? The Mennonites took away all the items they lent or sold the Amish so they had to heat the apple orchards with fire (see photo). People were just standing near trees with torches to prevent frost from forming. Heaven and Hell test are performed over someone’s grave to see where they will end up. If the shovel hits a rock they are going to Hell. Why do you need to know if someone is going to Hell or Heaven?
After talking about the blood moon, the story went to Susanna. She said she gave him something special and he dropped her after finding out she had a tattoo. Now she is putting on heavy make up to make him respect her? Did she just go to his house? Banging on his door, Susanna asked if he still cared for her. He said yes because what else could he say in that situation.
Merlin is a convicted felon? He tried to use it as an excuse to why he didn’t blow up Levi’s car. We did hear the secret footage of him telling Mary that he did.
Governor’s Election
Levi and Merlin continued to campaign to oust the current governor. Doug wanted him to win because it would hurt Levi’s reputation. The governor lost his office and Levi won. This sent Doug into a rage. Alan chose that moment to confront him about using the n-word around him. That was just an excuse for him to get really mad at Doug. Apparently, Alan’s family (gf/wife and collective kids) don’t know that works for Doug doing criminal things. The girlfriend/wife told him she couldn’t deal with him being arrested again in a previous episode. Alan may or may not have blown up Doug’s house.