I’m disappointed the season wasn’t more exciting. The last episode is set 2 months after the previous one. I’m not reviewing the After Show special.
Constable Paul Castline
The officer has still not taken down Levi no matter what angle he takes. He was able to tell Caleb about a potential secret family that Levi has nearby.
Devil Doug
Devil Doug was MIA at the beginning of the episode 2 months after Alan blew up his house. He thinks it was Levi and is driving a tractor trailer to earn money to get revenge. While Doug was missing, Zach was still trying to find ways to attack the Amish.
The Black Amish Man is helping the community now that Levi has become distracted. He blew up the car of a man suspected of luring young Amish girls and fondling them. Alan hopes that the community will start to trust him and respect his father again.
Caleb’s plan was to get out of the mafia business. He spent more than he could on a prized bull which later was stolen. Suspiciously, Levi had a BBQ with beef and a cow was shown hanging (skinned) in his barn. At that point, Caleb was done because he thought the producers of the show caused this. Later, he brought them back because someone called him about a sick horse. The horse could not go to the bathroom so Caleb stuck his arm up there and pulled out “a bag of drugs”. Oh, the horse was purchased from Levi. Caleb went to Constable Castline about it but since he got rid of the drugs it was no used to him. But, the information he got from Castline about Levi was taken straight to the bishop. It was mentioned that the Amish have a history transporting drugs. There was a case where a motorcycle gang worked with Amish people to do this.
Merlin is worked up about the resentencing of Sam Mullet who led a separatist Amish group that cut men’s beards. He is afraid Mullet will use information about Merlin to get out of prison. Merlin’s plan was to take Mary and Dena to Mullet’s compound in Bergholz, Ohio. If Amish people say it is in a backwater part of town than it must be desolate. After arriving there, they start knocking on doors to find someone to talk to about Sam and the case. A daughter and grandson were found and agreed to talk on camera. Johnny Mast (grandson) is 24 years old and lived in Mullet’s house for 2 years at age 18. He saw multiple women also living in the house and he knows of a child born to one of the women potentially from Mullet. Linda Schrock (daughter) saw her son dragged from a buggy as punishment by his arms. The beard cuttings were because her sister’s husband took his kids away and contacted police about issues they had. Sam’s family cut the beards of people who helped the husband. Her role was keeping her mother-in-law preventing her from getting help. Merlin was at the resentencing where Mullet’s sentence was slightly reduced.
Mary decided to go to an English doctor about her weight. She claims her father died young from the same affliction she has. Her fear was that Merlin would object and shun her. Merlin was on her side knowing that she has tried to deal with the problem in Amish ways but it is life threatening. He shared his admiration for her and they got married.
Caleb told the bishop that Levi may have a baby with an English woman. The bishop, Caleb, and the cameras went to Levi’s red house. Amish don’t have red houses. Apparently, if you are the bishop you can go in anyone’s house. Levi was there to let them in. There was electricity and a room filled with child stuff. Levi told the bishop he had a child and if God didn’t okay it, the child would not exist. The bishop asked if he was married and was the woman Amish. No was the answer to both of those. Levi was stripped of Amish Aid and shunned. I like that Levi didn’t take it. He said you’ll come back asking for my help some day. I guess you have to end Amish Mafia with Levi getting shunned. If they continue it would have to be people fight for control of Lancaster.