This episode is basically the first time the couples are alone together through the wedding night and start of the honeymoon. We get to see a little bit of their personalities. Also, I think I am ready to declare my favorite couple as Davina and Sean.

The Couples

Ryan R. & Jaclyn
mafs2-3rjacJaclyn just wants them to be friends first since she is still not attracted to Ryan. They got each other wine glasses (from Ryan) and alcohol (from Jaclyn). Don’t forget that Jaclyn works for a vodka company. Jaclyn hasn’t had a sex in 2 years but there’s no consummation. The honeymoon is in Puerto Rico. Ryan is afraid they would become friends instead of spouses. Jaclyn ordered the meal for the both of them. Ryan was not comfortable with that. She told him that when she saw him she wanted to run away.
Sean & Davina
mafs2-3dsDavina and Sean were all over each other since right after the wedding ceremony. Both of their gifts to each other were lock and key related. They said they didn’t have sex but then Sean plead the 5th. Who goes to Colorado (Beaver Creek) for their honeymoon? I forgot people like winter sports. Sean has never lived with someone and Davina told him he snores. She isn’t excited about potentially living in New Jersey (no one in the tri-state areas are). Davina took off her ring because it was too big before they went to the gym. It was gone when they came back and now Sean is confronting hotel staff. You know that ring is somewhere in that room. For him to get mad about that seems strange to me. Oops, she found it while he was telling off these people off camera somewhere. There are tears in the back of the car with Sean talking about his past being bullied. He feels the need to defend people and himself now and probably too quickly.
Ryan D. & Jessica
mafs2-3rjessIn the hotel room, Ryan and Jessica were eating. They even did the Lady and the Tramp thing with eating pasta. The marriage was consummated and Key Largo is where they are going for the honeymoon. Ryan actually said that Jessica reminded him of his grandmother. I’m sure he’s just projecting because it hasn’t even been 24 hours of talking to her.